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Terms Of Use

General terms and conditions of the websites www.thefeminine.com and www.shop.thefeminine.com 


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Welcome to www.thefeminine.com!

By accessing and browsing the website www.thefeminine.com, you agree to the below mentioned terms and conditions. Therefore, please carefully read the general conditions of functioning and using the website.

The platform/website www.thefeminine.com is the property of The Feminine Production Ltd SRL C.U.I. […], with the corporate seat in [].


This set of Terms and Conditions constitutes a legal agreement between yourself – a natural person (You) and The Feminine Production Ltd SRL.


The Feminine Production Ltd SRL wishes to conclude with you an agreement to grant you the right to use the Platform and Content thereof only in the methods provided below, for your own use and only under the following cumulative conditions:

1) You are a user of the website […] and have agreed to the General Terms and Conditions which grant you the right to use the Platform […]in the methods provided below;

2) The agreement between you and The Feminine Production Ltd SRL is valid. The registration on the platform and accessing the “Registration” button below means that you have accepted the obligations provided by this General Terms and Conditions. Any other form of installation, activation, or use of the Platform and the content thereof shall be also considered an acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions, and in this case, The Feminine Production Ltd SRL, reserves the right to request the user to cease using the Platform, respectively of a part of its’ content.

Should you have any questions or queries regarding the General terms and Conditions, please write to us on […].

General Terms and Conditions

This set of General Terms and Conditions (Terms and Conditions, the Document) constitutes the legal agreement between yourself (“You”, “the User “) and The Feminine Production Ltd SRL, C.U.I. […], with the corporate seat in […] (“The Feminine Production Ltd SRL”, “The Owner”, “The Platform”).

This document establishes the terms and conditions in using the website and the content. Please carefully read this document to prevent any unwanted/unpleasant consequences which may be appreciated by the User to have a negative impact over its data and/or information supplied.


The processing of data performed by The Feminine Production Ltd SRL within its projects entails the following categories:

Once you access the webpage […], different types of information are transferred between your device and the servers of The Feminine Production Ltd SRL. Among these might also be personal data. The information obtained as such is used, without limitation, for the optimisation of our webpage or for the display of informational materials in the browser of your device.

Article 1 – Terms and Definitions

The terms used in this document shall have the following meaning:

Site – means the domain www.thefeminine.com  and its’ sub-domains;

Administrator – represented by, shall facilitate the website activities through the internet network– from the address https://www.namebright.com/ (site web and mobile);

Services – of the Platform shall include:

      • Obtaining the access to the supplied information through a web browser;
      • The resources/ data/ content of the Platform after registration;
      • The possibility to add comments on the Platform;
      • The possibility of creating and personalising the user profile after registration;
      • Receiving informative newsletters.

Content – means all data, video and audio recordings, texts, music, sounds, tones, graphics, photos, messages, tags/labels, and any other kind of material or digital information existing on the Platform.

User – any natural and/or legal person who visits or access the website, requests a certain service (registration for newsletters or request of information through the form), or who wishes to use/effectively uses the services provided by the Website, according to this regulation;

Programme – the services presented on the Website;

Document – these Terms and Conditions;

Documentation – refers to all materials in material and digital form which include, without limitation, support documents, reference documents, general conditions or technical information, and other short information regarding the Platforms, the Content, or the Software. The User is not allowed to use the Documentation in any other context than the one permitted by this Terms and Conditions. The Documentation is the property of the Owner.

Communications – any type of message sent (e.g. email/ SMS/ telephone/ mobile push/ web push/ etc.)  containing general and thematic information, information regarding similar Services, or complementary to the ones you have accessed and other communications;

Personal data – any information regarding a natural person, identified or identifiable (”concerned person”). In principle, it means personal data:  name and surname of the person, the domicile, the e-mail, the PNC, the telephone number, identification codes, etc.

Personal data operator – means the legal or natural person, the public authority, agency or other body which alone or together with others, establishes the scopes of personal data processing;

Consent (of the concerned person) – means any manifestation of free will, specific, informed, and clear of the concerned person of accepting, by a statement, or by an unequivocal action the processing of his personal data;

Processing – any operation/ set of operations over the personal data (with or without using automatic methods), respectively the collection, registration, organisation, storing, adapting, amending, consulting, using, disclosing, transmitting, making available, aligning, combining, restricting, deleting, destroying etc. (representing any kind of operation in respect of the personal data);

Newsletter/ Alert – the periodical information method, exclusively electronic, in respect of the services and/or projects and operations performed by The Feminine Production Ltd SRL, during a certain period of time, without any engagement from The Feminine Production Ltd SRL, in respect of the information contained therein;

Software – means the entire or any part of the software technology made available to you, pursuant to these terms and Conditions, regardless of the form or means of supplying and installation or subsequent us, consisting of: software, interface and content, regardless if, from a technical point of view, they are considered to be a code or property of The Feminine Production Ltd SRL, regardless of their form, inclusively archive copies, updates, whole packages of services, instant corrections or copies which can be communicated. The direct link between the Platform and the User shall be established through the internet. The term “Software” does not include the software from third parties or any other additional products.

Platform means the online informatics system – property of The Feminine Production Ltd SRL – and the Content thereof: multimedia content (written, audio video, etc) and information about our courses and programs. The nature of the Platform and Content are established by the Owner and they may be amended pursuant to the Owner’s decision.

Article 2 – rights of intellectual property and the protection thereof

The Content as defined in Section– Terms and Definitions, is inclusive but without limitation to logos, graphic presentations, sketches, associates symbols and combinations thereof with any word or graphic symbol, static and dynamic images, text and/or multimedia content presented on the Website, are the exclusive property of The Feminine Production Ltd SRL, which reserves all the rights obtained directly or indirectly in this respect (through licences for using and/ or publication).  These rights may make the object of some restrictions regarding the use, reproduction and/or communicating. Therefore, you are responsible for the observance of these restrictions when downloading or uploading such materials.

The use of Services does not confer you any right of intellectual property over the services or the content you access.

It is not allowed to copy, distribute, publish, amend, alter, use, crate derivate materials or include any Content in any other context than the original as intended by The Feminine Production Ltd SRL within the developed projects, or to remove the symbol signifying the trademark of The Feminine Logistics Srl over the content, as well as attending to the transfer, sale, distribution of materials made by reproducing, amending or publishing the content, unless you have previously obtained the express approval of  The Feminine Production Ltd SRL.

When you upload or send any kind of information towards the Website through forms or other functions, you undertake the obligation to not damage in any way the copyright of a third party which may be invoked in respect of the materials or information uploaded or sent.

You may copy, transfer and/or sue the Content only for personal purposes or non-commercial purposes, and only if this is not in conflict with the provisions of the Document.

No Content sent by any communication means (by email, by phone etc.) or acquired by you through accessing, visiting and/or visualising shall constitute a contractual obligation of The Feminine Production Ltd SRL and/or of its employee/agent who intermediated the transfer of Content.

Any use of the Content for other purposes than the ones explicitly permitted by this Document, is forbidden.

The content of Platform, Software and Documentation can be used but cannot be sold. Granting the permission to use the Platform, Software and Documentation shall depend upon the payment of the applicable fees, as the case may be.

The Feminine Production Ltd SRL is the owner of all rights over Platform, Software and Content, as well as of all the copies protected by the law and the applicable international legislation, such as the agreements and conventions regarding intellectual property rights, including commercial secrets.

The user expresses his agreement to use adequate means to protect the Content of the Platform, Software and Documentation against unauthorised use, disclosure and publication. The Feminine Production Ltd SRL reserves all the rights which are not explicitly granted pursuant to these terms and conditions, including the right to make changes or improvements to the Platform, Software and Documentation. The Feminine Production Ltd SRL does not grant to the User any explicit direct or indirect right over the intellectual property, patents, and commercial trademarks, or over the information constituting commercial secrets of The Feminine Production Ltd SRL or the licensors thereof.

Article 3 – Granting the rights

According to these Terms and Conditions, The Feminine Production Ltd SRL grants the User the personal, unexclusive, limited and non-transmissible right to use a part of the Platform Content, specifically the video recordings and materials from the Platform , as well as other materials;

The right granted shall include specifically: the right of the User to use the Platform Content, under the conditions stated at item a) above, exclusively for personal purposes and according to the Field of Use as defined by Art. 4 of this Document. All passwords and access control information supplied by the Platform are confidential information and the protection thereof constitutes the exclusive responsibility of the User. The use of the most recent versions of the web browser is recommended.

Article 4 – Field of use

4.1. Registration

The registration on the Platform represents a condition for using the Platform content.

Each User has the right to a single registration/profile.  In the situation a User creates more than one profile/account, The Feminine Production Ltd SRL has the right to delete all profiles/accounts of the respective User without paying any damages/compensations and without returning the respective user any amounts previously paid by him, respectively by the third-party profiles/accounts.

Once The Feminine Production Ltd SRL becomes aware that a profile is used by more than one person, The Feminine Production Ltd SRL has the right to block the profile and to delete all the assets, fidelity points etc. accrued by the respective profile. The use of profile is the responsibility of the User and it is undertaking the responsibility according to these Terms and Conditions.

The registration is free of charge. The registration form makes an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.

Upon registration, the User has the obligation to fill in the registration form, as indicated by the Platform. The data which must be filled in are as follows:




Telephone number;

Type of user:

The registration shall be automatically considered a form of accepting these Terms and Conditions.

4.2. Unauthorised use

Except for the conditions provided by this Document, the User does not have the right to sell, rent, sub-licence, reproduce, advertise, distribute, transfer, share or use in any other way, including translating, amending etc. the Platform Content, Software and Documentation or any parts thereof. The User does not have the right to grant access to the Platform, Software or Documentation;

The User does not have the right to translate, amend, adapt or modify the Platform Content, Software or Documentation or any parts thereof, including for correction of errors;

The User does not have the right to make copies of the Platform Content, Software or Documentation or any parts thereof, including for archiving;

Except from the conditions provided by this Document, the User does not have the right to distribute activation codes, software registration codes, and authorisation files for licences or software development licences towards third parties without the prior approval of The Feminine Production Ltd SRL.

4.3. The user undertakes as follows:

      • To maintain a decent behaviour during his entire activity on the Platform, inclusively but without limitation to refrain from offending other users, offending or smearing the name and authority of the Platform and of the Owner or other essential elements of the Content.
      • To receive supplementary information from the Owner, on the email and telephone number supplied by the User in respect of the Platform Services, inclusively in connection to the expiration of subscription promotions and others.

4.4. In the situation of failure to observe any of the rules stated by this Document, the Owner has the right to exclude the respective User from the Platform, restrict his access to classifications etc., to delete the respective User’s account from the Platform, and to terminate unilaterally and without prior notification these Terms and Conditions. The assessment of failure to observe the rules is exclusively the Owner’s right.

Article  5 – Cease of enforcement of provisions

5.1 It shall be considered that the rights provided by this agreement come into force starting on the date of acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. The rights granted by this agreement shall remain into force until:

      • The User chooses to cease the use of the Platform, Software and Documentation;
      • The Owner considers necessary the ceasement of existence or functioning of the Platform;
      • One of the parties ceases to use the Platform – under the incidence of this Document – due to a breach which has not been remediated within one month as of the written notification of the other party, with the exception of the immediate termination if the nature of the said breach does not allow remediation.

Article 6 – Liability

6.1 The content of the Platform

The content of the Platform, Software and Documentation are made available to the User “as they are”, without implicit and direct guarantees, inclusively but without limitation, conformity guarantees, commercial guarantees, and others. The Owner does not guarantee that the Platform, Software and Documentation shall meet the requirements and needs of the User and that they have no defects (fault tolerance), or that they are built to function only under safety conditions (fail-safe), or that all incoherencies can be and will be rectified, nor that the use of the Platform, Software and Documentation shall flow unhindered. The Owner does not guarantee the reliability of the Platform and of the Software. The Owner waives all the other guarantees and conditions of any kind, director implicit, inclusively but without limitation to the systematic integration and the breach of intellectual property rights. The Software and the Documentation are nor designed, produced or destined to be used in conditions or methods which may cause disease, bodily harm, material damages, or damages to the environment. Any such use shall be performed on the User’s own risk and expense.

6.2 The User

Any natural or legal person which accesses the domain […] and accepts the Terms & Conditions, the Confidentiality Policy and Cookie Policy. Upon completing the forms in the website, please do so using complete and correct information and data. You shall be responsible for the activity which takes place in or through the website.

By obtaining the quality as a User, it shall be considered that you have accepted the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the website, the Cookie Policy, and the Confidentiality Policy.

Any User can access the Terms and Conditions of Use of the website, the Cookie Policy, and the Confidentiality Policy, at any moment, by accessing the sections: “Terms and Conditions”, “Cookie Policy” and “Confidentiality Policy” from the Website.

The further accessing, using and visiting of the website, of any page thereof and/or of the Service, as well as any components thereof shall constitute the acceptance in whole and unconditioned of the terms and Conditions and any provision thereof.

6.2.1 The rights of the user

The entire responsibility of the Owner shall be limited to – entirely at the discretion of the Owner – performing repairs and corrections or amendments of the Platform Content or the Software. The repairs, corrections and conditioning of the Platform, Software or Documentation shall be performed by the Owner when he considers fit, to the extent and in the period at his discretion. The assessment of the Owner according to this clause cannot constitute the basis of any claims or request of payment of damages of the User against the Owner. The User does not have the right to damages, requests, or other claims which may be generated by the necessity to perform, or the performance of repairs, corrections or modifications of the Platform, Software or Documentation.

The messages sent through the Platform are not anonymous, and in case of a dispute or suspicion of the existence of unlawful activities of some users, the Owner can check these messages. The Owner shall not take any measures and shall not be held responsible for the selling of accounts between users in exchange for money equivalent to those accounts, nor for the frauds arisen in this context, but he reserves the right to sanction the users for this kind of litigation. The Owner shall not take any measures in case of data theft for accessing the account if the user himself voluntarily disclosed those data to another person, or introduced those data in a malware software.

6.2.2 Obligations of the User

The User has the following obligations:

      • To not supply or send any information forbidden by law or which breach the social and moral ethics norms;
      • To use the website in such a way not to hinder the functioning thereof;
      • To not disclose or submit any incorrect information to the Website;
      • To use the Website in a way which does not create any inconvenience to other users or to the Website Administrator;
      • To use the information on the Website pages only for personal purposes, defined as purely non-commercial purposes, without any direct or indirect intention to obtain profits or gains or any kind;
      • To observe the copyrights and connected rights and any other intellectual property rights which the Administrator and its’ partners hold over/ in connection to the services offered through the Website and the content thereof;
      • To not copy, amend, distribute, sell or lease any part of the Services and included software; he does not have the right to rewrite or extract the source code of the respective software.

Article 7 – Limitation of responsibility

7.1. Declination of responsibility under specific circumstances

The Feminine Production Ltd SRL shall not undertake the responsibility in respect of the costs for supplying the services, lost profits, failed payments or transactions, investments, commercial obligations, loss of reputation, any kind of accidental, direct or indirect subsequent damages arising from or in connection to this Licence Agreement or the use of Platform, Software or Documentation, regardless of their cause, according to any responsibility theory, and regardless of the fact that The Feminine Production Ltd SRL has been notified of the possibility of such damages or not.

7.2. The use of […], hereinafter called “the Website”, shall be made exclusively on the user’s own responsibility. By visiting this website, you understand and accept to observe the terms, conditions and confidentiality policy provisions.

By accepting the above mentioned provisions, you agree that we have no possibility to offer any kind of warranty in respect of your personal and/or professional progress, and that you are, therefore, the only one holding a responsibility regarding any action and results obtained. At the same time, you agree that the results may vary depending upon a series of factors, including without limitation: personal abilities, theoretic and/or practical knowledge, previous experience, perseverance, the management of any type of addiction.

Moreover, you understand that any testimonials or mentions (hereinafter called “the testimonials”) made by our clients or any of the representatives from the public on this Website, have an exclusive value of personal opinion, without pretending to be a validation from a scientific community.

The sole declared scope of this website is to inform. None of the persons managing this website or the information contained in the communications, products, or services available through this website is not active in the field of mental health, is not a medical doctor, or professional licenced in the field of mental health. The information contained in this website shall not treat or diagnose any illness, disease, or pathology. Therefore, in case of any symptoms which may affect or put in danger your physical, mental or emotional integrity, please seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Therefore, you understand that the information contained in this website is not a substitute for the care of physical or mental health and does not replace a medical diagnosis. You understand and agree that you have the entire responsibility for your mental and physical wellbeing, and you agree to seek medical advice as you decide under your own judgement before taking any action in connection with the information contained in this website, or before interrupting any medical or other treatment prescribed by your current medical doctor.

Therefore, under no circumstance do we have moral or legal responsibility for any incident which might be produced during or pursuant the use of information in this website or by means of the products and services supplied by this website.

If any of the above seem unclear to you, please contact us at […].

Article 8 — The collection, use, process, transfer and storage of the information

8.1. The Owner shall process the User’s personal data according to the Policy regarding personal data protection of […].

8.2. The processing by the Owner of the personal data may be in connection to development of new programmes and Services, or for the improvement of the existing ones; notification in respect of the legal rights and obligations; sending notifications in respect of improvements and updates of the Software; making available to the User of other products and Services supplied by the Owner.

8.3. The Owner has the right to supply to third parties personal data of the User with the scope to ensure complete, quick and qualitative services. The personal data are being supplied to third parties only after the Owner has verified if all the technical and organisational measures for the protection of the respective data have been taken.

8.4. The Owner has the right to independently monitor, through third parties or through automatized methods, the User’s behaviour, inclusively but without limitation:

      • The programmes developed by The Feminine Production Ltd SRL;
      • The duration of courses and video meditations;
      • The comments and questions posted;
      • The courses developed by The Feminine Production Ltd SRL;
      • The date and hour of the identified event, during the use of the Platform, Software and Documentation, with the scope to ensure accessible and attractive functionalities for the User.

8.5. For a statistic purpose, the Owner has the right to use the data, respectively a part thereof for its own purposes such as: internal assessments; recommendations; conclusions regarding the improvement of the Platform Content or the functioning thereof; creation of general data for each User in respect of the achievements of the Platform, etc.

Article 9 — General provisions

9.1. Future updates – The Owner has the right to change, develop or amend the Platform, Software and Documentation without the prior or subsequent agreement or other form of expressing the will of the User, respectively the consumer.

9.2. The Owner has the right to introduce in the present Document any supplementary restrictions regarding the use of the Platform or any parts thereof, in the situation when the lack of such restrictions would lead to the breach of intellectual property rights of third parties. The amendments shall come into force on the day they are made by the Owner.

9.3. Change or interruption of use – the User agrees that The Feminine Production Ltd SRL has the right – without liability, towards the User or any third parties – to change, interrupt, suspend, restrict, or cease the use of the Platform or Software at any moment, temporarily or definitive, with or without a prior notification to the User or third parties.

9.4. Assistance – Without limitation to the above mentioned rights, The Feminine Production Ltd SRL reserves the right, and the User agrees, to periodically interrupt, at The Feminine Production Ltd SRL own discretion, the access to the Platform and Software, or to cease supplying the operative Services, in the situation of ascertaining any software malfunction, updates installation, as well as in the situation of diagnostics works or other forms of technical support.

9.5. Provisions regarding the control of export – The User expressly agrees not to (re)export, publish or transfer the Platform, Content, Software, in whole or in part, towards any third parties.

9.6. Taxes and transport fees – Taxes of any kind, such as the tax on sales, the tax on income, VAT, customs tax, transport, and preparation tariffs and fees which may arise pursuant to the use of the Platform shall be paid by the User (directly or indirectly).

9.7. The failure to observe by the parties of any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall not abrogate any of the obligations resulting from this provision or the right to the party to enforce these provisions or any other provisions from now forward.

9.8. The parties agree that if any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall prove to be unenforceable due to any reason, the respective provision shall be amended only to the necessary extent to ensure the enforceability thereof.

9.9. Legal and testamentary heirs. The User does not have the right to offer, sub-licence, assign the rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions without the prior written agreement of The Feminine Production Ltd SRL, and any attempt to do so without the Owner’s agreement shall not be taken into consideration. This Document shall be mandatory to the legal and testamentary heirs of the parties of these Terms and Conditions.

9.10. The effects of the provisions upon termination of Terms and Conditions. The provisions of art. 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of this Document shall remain in force after the expiration or termination of these terms and Conditions.

9.11. The integrity of Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions constitute the sole and exhaustive agreement between the parties in respect of the object of this Document and shall replace all other prior agreements and conventions between the parties in respect of the same object. Other conditions, contrary or supplementary, provided by other documents shall not be mandatory for the Owner. 

Article 10 – Confidentiality

The Feminine Production Ltd SRL shall keep the confidentiality of any information you supply to us.  Please be assured that any disclosure of your personal data shall be made only with the observance of this “Terms and Conditions”, “Cookie Policy”, and “Confidentiality Policy”. 

By sending information or materials through the Website, you offer The Feminine Production Ltd SRL irrevocable and unrestricted access to it, the right to use, copy, display, amend, and distribute these materials and information.

10.1 Personal data processing

For more information regarding the personal data processing, please access the section– ”Confidentiality Policy”, which makes an integral part of this Document. 

10.2 Use of cookies

For more information regarding the cookies, please access the section– ”Cookie Policy”, which makes an integral part of this Document.

10.3 Links to other websites

The Website may contain links (“Links”) or reference to other websites/web pages and for the use thereof the specific Terms and Conditions shall apply, as stated on the respective websites/web pages. The Feminine Production Ltd SRL shall not be responsible and does not undertake any obligation for the content of the respective websites and/or in respect of any other links or references there from other websites/web pages.

The inclusion of Links or references to Websites is usually performed for the help or in the interest of the User or for other publicity purposes.

The Feminine Production Ltd SRL does not guarantee/control the accuracy of the information presented on the third parties websites to which you are directed from the Website.

By continuing to use the Website, the User understands and accepts that he accesses and/or uses the products/services offered through third party websites, exclusively on his own risk and own responsibility, and that he cannot claim damages from The Feminine Production Ltd SRL for any prejudices incurred pursuant to those links and the use of services made available through the websites to which the links direct.

Article 11 – Access and update of your personal data

We shall only process the personal data you send through the forms on the website and only in the scope you send them to us.

If the personal information/data to which you have access each time you are using the Website is wrong, we will provide you methods to update them swiftly or to delete them, except for the cases when we must keep them due to legitimate reasons provided by the law.

Please be assured that your personal data is protected against accidental mall-intended destruction. In this respect, after you request deleting your data from the website, we shall also proceed to the deletion thereof from our active servers within [10 days] and our back-up servers within [10 days].

Your personal data shall be processed pursuant to the Regulation 679/2016 regarding the protection of natural persons in respect of processing of personal data and the free circulation of such data and to abrogate the Directive 95/46/CE and the national legislation in force.

Your rights in respect of personal data processing are as follows: the right to access, the right to rectify, the right to be forgotten, the right to restrict, the right to oppose, and the right to transfer the data.

You have the right to formulate any complaint, at any moment, to the competent supervising authority. Therefore you can address the Romanian Supervising Authority (A.N.S.P.D.C.P), or the supervising authority competent in the area where you have the domicile/residence/working place.

Moreover, you have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data and request the deletion of that data. The deletion of your personal data shall be followed by the deletion thereof from all the systems they were saved on and by the impossibility to send you newsletters or to be contacted.

The Feminine Production Ltd SRL reserves the right to unilaterally cease the access to the website (totally or partially), at any moment, with the swift notification of the users by a message shown on the Website at the moment of access.

Article 12 – Withdrawal of consent and unsubscription

Please take into account that the processing of your personal data shall be performed until the moment of withdrawal of consent, regardless of the form of expression.

You can unsubscribe at any time by accessing the unsubscribe option from the newsletter or by sending an e-mail to: [email protected].

Article 13 – Applicable law

This Document shall be governed and interpreted according to the provisions of the Romanian law.

Any litigation or dispute arising from or in connection to this Document or the use of the Website shall be solved by the competent Romanian courts.


The contact person for questions or queries regarding the personal data protection

Should you have any questions regarding the Internet page or any other questions, queries, or requests regarding the personal data protection and the processing thereof, please write to us on [email protected]

Moreover, if you wish to request the deletion of your personal data, you can send a written request to […] of by e-mail to: [email protected].

For more information regarding the use of the Website and the protection of your personal data, please access the sections ”Confidentiality Policy”.