To be fully honest, in my many years of coaching women, I’ve never encountered a similar structure. In fact, this is why I have created the Sacred Circle Membership.

There are a lot of options on the market delivering high quality yoga training or meditation apps with wonderful resources, but I’ve never seen anything TAILOR MADE FOR WOMEN that supports them to reconnect with their ancestral wisdom.

As women, we have particular needs and desires.

We crave connection with other women, we need to share about our journeys, we need inspiration to nurture our sensuality and sexuality and we also need practice to keep the fire of our soul burning.

This is the foundation of this Membership – resources that will stir your deep waters, ignite your passions and feed your soul.

As women, when we learn how to fulfil our needs, nurture our desires and tap into our self-worth, we can literally create anything!

This Membership is here to fill that gap and make your personal development a pampering experience!