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Ep 29 – The Mystical Powers Of Sisterhood And The Sacred Circle

In this episode of The Feminine #Uncut Podcast we go mystical. All the way, the feminine way, by talking about a very spiritually grounded aspect of your femininity: Sisterhood and the Sacred Circle of women.

Here’s what you’ll discover, if you listen to the whole episode:

  • Why sisterhood is mystical;
  • The reason why the Sacred Circle of women is the bedrock of living the feminine way;
  • Why sisterhood and friendship are two different things;
  • How welcoming a Sacred Circle in your life heals both the individual and the collective feminine psyche;
  • The secret codes to sisterhood—aka. your capacity to listen sacredly, without judging, fixing or giving advice and trust—you, me, the Circle, the feminine energy;
  • How the Sacred Circle connects you with archetypal energies and resources that are beyond your life in the now.
  • Why sisterhood cures loneliness.
  • How you can access a Sacred Circle of women via our online programs.

Join the Sacred Circle

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Ep 28 – To be a woman: the challenges of the feminine energy

Meeting the feminine energy is a life changing process, with incredible benefits.

It gives you access to a different way of being and living. Also, it upgrades your professional, social and personal life, without the huge effort you thought transformation might imply.

However, in order for that to happen, the feminine energy invites you to release the “old ways”, open up and learn how to receive.

In this episode of The Feminine #Uncut Podcast we discuss the assets and the challenges of the feminine energy. We also try to demystify how it feels to be a woman, without fear or judgement.

Listen to the whole episode now and learn new things and key tips and tricks on how to activate, allow and integrate the feminine energy in your life.


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