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Ep 21 – The 10 most common sex questions, with feminine answers that you’ll love

Indeed, sex is a very important thing on the planet. 😅 So, here’s what we did: we asked Dr. Google what are the most common sex questions people (of all ages) ask.

Yes, we actually did that.

And the action turned into a massively fun and also instructive podcast. 🎧​

How come?

Picture this: what would you reply if someone asked you “what does sex feel like?” 🤫

My point, exactly!

And there’s so much more. So, long story short, hit PLAY and let’s roll with another juicy episode of The Feminine #Uncut Podcast.

We’re giving the most #feminine answers to 10 of the most googled questions about sex and sexuality. 🍑

Ep. 20 – Why cultivating the feminine vales and sisterhood changes the quality of your life

We celebrate the 20th episode of The Feminine #Uncut Podcast with a special episode dedicated to skin deep sisterhood. In other words, in this episode you’ll discover (in a very original way) how and why cultivating the feminine values and sisterhood radically changes the quality of your life.

We’re using the Skin Deep Card Game and ask each other #uncut questions that require #uncut answers. 😉​ If you are curious to learn more about us AND about sisterhood just listen to the full episode.

And if you loved the conversation and look forward to start cultivating the feminine values in YOUR own life, the best way to do it is by kicking off with our original Sacred Space meditation available here.


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