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In this eBook, you will discover:

  • How to heal the past, awaken your gifts and empower yourself as a woman;
  • Understand and manage your emotional needs;
  • Draw safe boundaries and take better care of yourself;
  • Use the healing power of nature to recharge;
  • The secret to attracting and manifesting your most powerful intentions the feminine way;
  • Create a more healthy lifestyle. Connect with your true feminine power;


  • Get one of a kind tips on how to create a sacred space;
  • Meditation with Mother Earth for boosting your energy and spirit;
  • Meditation with your Inner Child for learning the truth about a difficult real life situation;
  • Receive guidance to a special dancing practice;


  • Meditation with Mother Earth for boosting your energy and spirit;
  • Meditation with your Inner Child for learning the truth about a difficult real life situation;


I've learned how to connect with my feminity

Anca Harasim Executive Director American Chamber of Commerce

“By working with Oana’s method, I’ve learned how to connect with my femininity - which I’ve been fully neglecting all my life. I’ve learned to appreciate my womanhood and to treat it like a delicate flower that deserves to be recognized, smelled and touched with tenderness. Also, I’ve learned that expressing my strong and authentic femininity is not stopping me from accessing my sensuality. And last but not least, I am now part of a community of strong and sensitive women who carry on the secrets of femininity, and who make me feel appreciated and respected.”

thefeminine-testimonials-anca-harasim thefeminine-testimonials-anca-harasim

I've discovered how to trust myself

Ana Nicolescu Parenting PR Owner @

“Society makes you believe that loving yourself is an act of selfishness. Hence, you end up giving up on yourself. That’s what I did. I gave up on myself and on my womanhood. Oana has guided me to learn how to love myself back, to discover myself, to reposition myself in relationships with everyone else, and to connect with my feminine power. In her workshops, I’ve discovered how to trust myself and how to take back my courage. Opportunities and possibilities started to unroll and my parenting website bloomed into a fully fledged business. Oana helped me to discover myself. And when you start to discover yourself, you can’t get enough of it!”

thefeminine-testimonials-ana-nicolescu thefeminine-testimonials-ana-nicolescu

I've found my way out of the victim's pattern

Mihaela Gavrilescu Life Coach

“I believe everything that turns up in life is meant to support us in a certain way. The right things come at the right time! Oana’s workshops came into my life just when I needed them the most. Here, I’ve discovered how to meditate and I’ve learned how to take care of my health and my beauty. I started spending time in solitude in a very healthy and soothing way. I’ve found my way out of the victim's pattern and I stopped sabotaging myself. I started manifesting my intentions and many opportunities, never before imagined, came up!”

thefeminine-testimonials-mihaela-gavrilescu thefeminine-testimonials-mihaela-gavrilescu

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Step 1
The Heart

Honoring The Sacred

We learn to look inside and awaken our intuition.

Step 2
The Earth

Nature’s Rhythms Are Your Inner Rhythms

Tired? Overwhelmed? Unsupported? This stops now! With this practical information we learn how to recharge, soothe our emotions, and ask for what we deserve.

Step 3
The Inner Child

Speak Up Your Truth

Behind every emotional blockage hides the possibility of a miracle. Find your voice. Here we learn how to navigate stressful situations with ease and femininity.


3 Easy-to-use practices and meditations that will enrich your experience


About Oana Stoianovici

She has always been considered ‘too young to be so wise’. Yet, she didn’t take that as being a disadvantage. Contrary to that, she kept being in service, touching the lives of an impressive number of people. She has always considered herself a student in life and believed that’s what makes her able to guide people towards fulfilling their own mission.

Oana's magnetic charisma has allowed her to conduct transformative experiences for large groups of people. During fourteen years of coaching, she has been empowering more than 14,000 people to live the life they love. Oana started her career as a leadership coach, travelling and working with many different cultures.

In 2011, she began defining her body of work a comprehensive study method, dedicated to bringing forth the feminine values and developing spiritual experiences and rites of passage for women and men, of all ages and from all over the world. She effectively brings together coaching methods and healing techniques, in order to facilitate a real shift in people’s personal and professional lives.

The Feminine is her mission to make the feminine values a global experience.

“At our deepest core, we all crave for love. And we search for love in so many ways. But what we are actually looking for is the honest connection with our own Heart. She is the guide into the experience of the most authentic love and true fulfilment.”

Follow her way!


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The Way Of The Heart

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