The Feminine

​What did you want to be when you grew up​? Can you remember? Have you pursued your dream? Did you get stuck? Did you give up on it? And if yes, why?

Our childhood day dreaming has a lot to do with our divine gifts (yes, there is such a thing). In our fantastic desire to become explorers, astronauts, detectives, pilots, movie stars, innovators, medical doctors etc., hides the calling of our soul.

Few of us are lucky enough to grow up in environment that nurtures these dreams and actually achieve the dream job.

Some, however, are not.

The latter, sooner or later, get stuck.

And even if we end up having extraordinary careers and well-paid jobs, we feel unhappy, incomplete and in a permanent search for something.

What’s the secret to alchemising our childhood fantasies into fulfilling careers that honour our divine gifts?

The Feminine answer is: the right rite of passage.

Now, I invite you to listen to this episode of The Feminine #Uncut Podcast. You will learn why the rite of passage is the link between the two worlds—c​hildhood and adulthood—​and what it has to do with our divine gift and future careers.