Intimacy, Confidence, Healing
and Women Empowerement

Your way to kick-ass confidence and epic womanhood

Aka. what you ACTUALLY get from this online course

Discover the path to intimacy

Learn what you truly need to start taking care of yourself. The key to love is self-love. And intimacy will follow.

Boost your confidence and vitality

Feeling confused and lacking energy? Get your kick-ass confidence back by learning how to ground yourself.

Heal your Inner Child

Looking forward to a MIRACLE? Ask and you shall receive, love. Your Inner Child holds the key to your passion.

Tap into your sensuality and sexuality

Missing your juiciness? We hear you, sister! Let your wild woman come out and manifest from within.



Your Coach
The feminine principle works in subtle and mysterious ways. That’s why we only experience the divine feminine in silence and prayer. As women, we can hold space for each other and share practices and rituals that make room for our inner power to manifest. The Four Pillars Of Femininity online course creates the perfect context for your femininity to flourish. The perfect feminine tools and rituals are now at your fingertips. Discover the path to self-love and intimacy, boost your confidence and vitality, heal your inner child, and tap into your extatic nature.


Oana is such an amazing coach! For many years, she’s been a constant guest on my radio show and every single time she brings fresh and resourceful information about how to take care of ourselves and our womanhood. What she says is astonishingly true — once consciously activated, the feminine energy can literally change your life!
Adriana Radio Host
Learning how to work with the feminine energy has been one of the most important projects of my life. And there are two very important things I’ve learned from Oana — the importance of having a guide who can show you the way and a community where you can apply and expand your knowledge. The Feminine gave me both the guidance and the access to a wonderful community. And that’s all that matters!
Actress Silvia
Oana beautifully guided me through the ways of conscious femininity, and the Feminine offered me the community I’ve been long craving for. This is how I’ve learned to notice, nourish, and trust my natural gifts. And this helped me to transform my relationships: with my partner, with my children, with my friends, with myself. I become more self-aware, confident and wise.
Ana Architect

What's Inside


Web, mobile and tablet friendly
Work at your own pace
Yours for life

4 Comprehensive
audio teachings





BONUS Free access to The Feminine Community

PLEASE NOTE that everything is wrapped in love and filled with joy and intention.


The Four Pillars Of Femininity consists of 4 modules that make up the perfect coaching tools you need to start living a more feminine lifestyle, be more confident, and experience ecstatic passion in your life.

Each module is designed to guide you through the intricate maze of the feminine energy, activate the woman within you, and allow the Divine Feminine to be your guide.



The First Pillar of Femininity


Discover The Path To Self Love

Turn the Sacred Space Meditation into a daily practice and make it your go to support system.

No matter how heavy the situation is, after spending a few minutes in the Sacred Space of your Heart, you will access the peace of mind and resilience you need to stay true to yourself, let go, and move forward.

In this module you'll learn:

  • 1
    Why The Sacred Space of the Heart is the foundational ritual for developing intuition and feminine wisdom.
  • 2
    How descending into the Sacred Space helps you get clear about your needs and how to fulfill them.
  • 3
    How to use the Sacred Space to become soft, gentle, and patient with yourself.
  • 4
    It allows your Heart to awaken and it gives you access to letting go of any conditioning.
  • 5
    It teaches you how to know your true rhythm and find your authentic voice.
  • 6
    Briefly, The Sacred Space of the Heart is the place where you learn how to genuinely take care of yourself.

60-min audio teachings about the Sacred Space.

A powerful 20-min audio guided meditation.

Exclusive Q&As.

For long term support you will also receive our special Feminine Moon Diary, with prompts for journaling that will guide you to access your feminine wisdom, month after month. We called upon three feminine landmarks: the moon phases, your emotions, and your personal intentions to keep you aligned with the feminine energy and with the Divine Feminine. Use our 12 tailor made questions and let your inner wisdom pop up. Enjoy the Sacred Space of your heart and get the experience of self-love and intimacy.



The Second Pillar of Femininity


Boost Your Confidence And Vitality

The concept of grounding emerges from the realisation that, as humans, we can only grow and thrive through the connection with Mother Nature.

Strengthening your connection with the energy of the Earth gives you the power and confidence you need to nourish your dreams. Charging with energy directly from nature is essential. Our modern lifestyle keeps us away from that. We never have the time or the space to go out and play. Yet, we wonder why we feel weak, sick and we lack vital energy. This second module gives you the tools you need to understand how your feminine body works and what you can do to take care of yourself the feminine way.

In this module you'll learn:

  • 1
    How to keep your physical body in balance.
  • 2
    Why balancing the emotional body clears out burnout, fatigue and anxiety.
  • 3
    How to open the subtle channels of your emotional body.
  • 4
    Why this improves your awareness, making you feel more rooted and confident.
  • 5
    How to consciously connect with your womb.
  • 6
    Why grounding aids with healing many of the common feminine health issues.

30-min audio teaching on what is
Grounding and how it works.

2 Grounding meditations—one long (20 min) and one short (10 min), so that you can choose what best suits your needs.

And for actual grounding support, you will also receive our one and only Feminine Earth Diary, with prompts to keep you rooted and down to earth (the better way). Plus an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A to make the process even more clear.



The Third Pillar of Femininity


Heal Your Inner Child

The Inner Girl is the part of your subconscious mind that holds the key to magic, to your unique gifts and to the higher aspect of yourself.

She is the bridge between your rational mind telling you what you want and your soul telling your what you truly need. When you consciously connect with your Inner Girl, through intention and meditation, she brings to life a reservoir of endless magic, joy and playfulness. And this is where authentic healing comes from.

In this module you'll learn:

  • 1
    Why connecting with your Inner Girl and learning how to take care of her gives you access to manifesting the woman within.
  • 2
    You’ll discover how to connect with her and how to take care of her needs.
  • 3
    Through daily fun practice, you’ll learn what keeps the connection active and alive.
  • 4
    Your Inner Girl is the one who can lead you to the intimacy, softness and joyfulness you’ve been craving for.
  • 5
    She is also the solution to learning how to start navigating through your emotions with ease and joy.

30-min audio teaching on who is the Inner Girl and how she influences all aspects of your life.

Printable coaching process to activate your relationship with your Inner Girl.

20-min audio guided meditation: meet your Inner Girl and connect with her whenever and wherever you like.

Pre-recorded audio FAQ to put everything in the right place.

WARNING! Meeting your Inner Girl may increase your resting heart rate and serious butterflies may occur in your stomach. Consume with caution.



The Fourth Pillar Of Femininity


Own Your Mystery, Tap Into Your Greatness

Owning the powerful mystery of the goddess is your first step towards empowering the woman within.

Accessing the mystery of the goddess allows you to express the voluptuousness that fascinates. Navigating the basic archetypal energies of the goddess--the virgin, the wild woman, the mother, and the wise woman--enrich the way you experience and express your femininity.
You don’t need to be spiritual or mystical to have this experience; these energies live inside of us, they are aspects of our feminine psyche, that once activated make us bloom as women.
Accessing the woman calls for accessing three essential gifts: your natural capacity for ecstasy, your natural capacity to love unconditionally, and your power to intuitively navigate through the unseen.

In this module you'll learn:

  • 1
    How to activate your heart and your womb and use their connection as a guide in your life.
  • 2
    How to make healthy decisions that align you with your true soul calling.
  • 3
    Why activating the four basic archetypes will allow you to express you womanhood bountifully.
  • 4
    Learn the one simple practice that will help you activate the woman inside.
  • 5
    Passion and sensuality are your greatest assets. Learn how to use them in a healthy, mature, and fulfilling way.
  • 6
    Discover the difference between the girl’s approach and the woman’s perspective. This is key in manifesting epic passion and intimacy in your life.

70-min powerful teaching about womanhood.

Pre-recorded audio Q&As about the process.

20-min guided meditation to activate the four archetypal energies.

Printable guide: how to design an epic one day goddess ritual.


Oana was the one who helped me find the Woman within. She guided me through learning who I truly am, how I work, as a woman, how to tap into my gifts and how to BE instead of continuously struggling to DO. She ignited the Woman within and made me feel curious to explore myself with integrity and deep authenticity. I started attending Oana’s workshops because I could see the masculine pattern I was acting from and that didn’t make me feel comfortable at all. I highly recommend Oana to any woman who desires a deeply transformative experience. She is an excellent coach, disciplined but also supportive and capable of creating the perfect environment for you to thrive, expand and get closer to who you truly are.
Michaela Senior Project Manager
Oana’s workshops are an initiation in the mystery of creation and in the art of abundance. I’ve discovered that both creation and abundance are stored inside of me and the most efficient way to access them is through my femininity and feminine power. Also, connecting with my Inner Girl was something truly transformative.
HR Director Lavinia
Oana’s workshops for women had a spectacular impact upon me, because it made me realize what exactly the power of an adult woman is when she owns it. I received a model of femininity and then I found within me those feminine guidelines which helped me transform a masculine way of thinking and acting into a woman who reached her womanhood with grace, power and creativity. I thank Oana and her entire team for their loving support. It was exactly what I needed to be able to live my life from a place of ownership, beauty, connection with myself, with my body, with the true nature, and with the people around me.
Service Transition Manager Mădălina

Four Pillars Benefits

  • Getting quicker access to your feminine energy

  • Increased love and confidence

  • Better understanding of how you boost & use your vital energy

  • Ability to focus on what truly matters

  • Agility and versatility in overcoming your own emotional and mental blocks

  • More clarity in all your relationships

  • Sparkling sensuality and sexuality

  • Increasing the overall quality of your life, through the power of conscious self-care

How It Actually Works

Start by exploring one pillar at a time. We’ve created a system that softly empowers you to deal with the hustle of the everyday life in the most feminine way. Allow yourself a week or two to integrate each pillar, by doing the meditations and practices as often as possible.
Next, feel free to mix and match all four pillars. They are meant to be your constant soul and sacred space for ongoing self-love and personal growth.
The 4 pillars are your go to ritual each time you need to relax, soothe yourself, make a decision or simply nurture your femininity.


The Real Value Of What You Get

Oana’s coaching method

Oana is a life coach with more than 15 years of experience. During the last 8, she worked with hundreds of women for all over the world, either in 1-to-1 coaching sessions or in group workshops. Her regular fee is 450$/hour.

The Four Pillars of Femininity is the summing up of her method.

Real value: $1,800


Coaching Tools, Prompts & Journals


Every single printable that comes with this course is originally designed, following hundreds of hours of coaching, and are inspired by the needs and likes of women of all ages and from many different cultures. The time, effort and experience invested in designing the printables you get with this online course makes them worth of $400.

Real value: $60


Audio Guided Meditations


All the meditations you’ll receive with this course are created with intention. They embody Oana’s method and they specifically aim at activating archetypal energies. Their real value raises to $800.

Real value: $120
Total Value $1,980

Your Investment $360

thefeminine-secure-payments SECURE CHECKOUT 100% happiness guaranteed

100% Satisfaction
Guarantee Certificate

As a life coach, I know how important it is for you to be sure you make the right choice and to feel that your investment pays back. That’s why this The Four Pillars of Femininity comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee certificate. If you do go through the whole program and honestly feel the experience doesn’t make any difference, please write us within the first 30 days of your purchase for a full refund. We will ask for your completed worksheets, proof of listening to the audio lessons and the guided meditations, plus a comprehensive explanation of what didn't work for you. Please note that a powerful transformational process can trigger some changes in your life. Hence, we strongly recommend to allow these shifts to slowly integrate until you can actually get their right meaning. We advocate a full-cycle approach.


The Story in Oana’s words

Let me be your guide in feeling the energy that nourishes all life—the divine feminine. My journey as a transformational coach started decades ago when my inner teacher guided me on a path to explore and passionately experience different techniques and healing modalities that enhance the potential we all have. Some of the practices had the power to unleash the mind’s power; others were deeply healing on a soul level, while others worked with the incredible regenerative life force energy of the body. This gave me a full circle experience and educated me fully into a complete approach of the human mind, soul and body.
In the last five years, my greatest commitment has been for my work with women and for the divine feminine energy.
It is part of my own unfolding as a woman to know how powerful the gifts of women are when they come together and nurture each other. They are enhanced in my gatherings and I am honoured to put myself in service of expanding the circle of the divine feminine.

Still Got Questions? We Answer!

Is The Four Pillars Of Femininity right for me?

If you want to live a more feminine lifestyle and learn how to include in your daily life the benefits of the feminine energy, The Four Pillars Of Femininity is exactly what you need! This course teaches you how to work with four basic concepts (Sacred Space, Grounding Ritual, the Inner Child and The Four Feminine Archetypes) in the easiest and fanciest way. After going through the guided meditations and the coaching exercises, you’ll simply observe yourself feeling more easy and relaxed and ready to welcome new and juicy experiences in your life.

What if I never worked with the feminine energy before?

Well, that’s excellent! This course is, in fact, your entry point in working with the feminine energy. It’s designed for both beginners and advanced students who are simply looking for daily practices that keep the levels of energy in perfect balance.

What does this course contain?

This course comes with 4 audio teachings, introducing you the core concepts, 5 audio guided meditations, 4 printable coaching prompts and exercises, and 4 pre-recorded FAQs. Also, at the beginning of each pillar you’ll get a letter from Oana with in depth breakdown of each concept and its benefits.

Is this course video or audio?

This course is 100% audio. Except for the prompts and coaching exercises which come in PDF, so that you can open and print them easily. We chose audio content over video content, because experience taught us that many of you use our teachings and meditations on the go, while commuting or before going to bed. So, we went for a plan that makes it easier for you.

How can I access the course?

You can access the course by simply logging in the platform using your username and password. With a decent internet connection, you can access this course from all your devices (computer, iPad, phone etc.). No exception.

How long do I have access to this course?

This course is yours for life, baby.

How can I get support - if needed?

Just write us and we’ll come back to you with full support. We take your well-being seriously, so we are ready to answer any question everytime you need.

What if I’m not satisfied with The Four Pillars of Femininity?

If you've done the whole work exactly as indicated and honestly feel you didn't get the value from the experience, please submit your worksheets within 30 days of your purchase. You will receive a follow up call from us and discuss the terms of issuing a refund.

Please bear in mind, if you don’t include all completed worksheets and you cannot prove that you’ve actually fully listened to the audio teachings and actually completed all the guided meditations within the 30 days period, no refund will be issued.

Does this course offer me therapeutic work?

This course offers you a coaching process and is intended for lifestyle support. It is not intended to solve, in any way, health or mental health issues. If you feel you need psychiatric or psychological support, we fully encourage you to seek for professional advice from a healthcare practitioner.

Will I really enjoy this course?

Fully! We never make promises, but we can guarantee you that while developing this course we put lot of fun and joy in the process. Just release all expectations and allow yourself to relax, enjoy and discover new exciting things about you. After all, that’s the most powerful lesson the feminine energy teaches us.


Total Value $2,700

Your Investment $360

thefeminine-secure-payments SECURE CHECKOUT 100% happiness guaranteed