The Four Pillars Of FemininityPillar Two: GROUNDING

The Second Pillar Of Femininity


The key to authentic confidence


What Is

Grounding is saying to the whole world:

  • I love myself
  • I respect myself
  • I care about myself
  • I take care of my needs and my body NOW

Why Do We Need Grounding, as Women?

  • For women, grounding is essential, because it helps us to directly experience the feminine energy through the body.
  • Grounding is the fundamental daily practice that connects you with the present moment and it expands your capacity to feel.

Why Is Grounding The Second Pillar Of Femininity?

  • Being feminine is not something you talk or think about. You LIVE THE FEMININE in connection with your physical body.
  • Through grounding you get THAT connection.
  • When you are grounded you have a direct and intermediate access to vitality, passion, sensuality and authentic confidence.

Why An Online Course About Grounding?

  • The concept of grounding emerges from the realisation that as humans we can only survive, grow and thrive through the connection with Mother Nature

  • Strengthening our connection with the Earth gives us the energy, power and wisdom we need to nourish our dreams

  • Charging ourselves with energy directly from nature is essential

  • Yet, our modern lifestyle keeps us away from that

  • We never have time and disposition to go out and play

  • And then, we wonder why we feel weak, sick and lack vital energy

  • This online course gives you the tools to help you understand how your feminine body works and what you can do to take care of yourself the feminine way

What You Get


on what is Grounding and how it works

Two Guided

one long and one short, so that you can choose what best suits your needs


For actual grounding support you will also receive our one and only Special Earth Diary, with prompts to keep you rooted and down to earth (the better way)

An exclusive pre-recorded


PLEASE NOTE that everything is wrapped in love and filled with joy and intention.


Practice makes perfect—we all know that. Yet, in order to stick to the practice, we need something to keep us motivated. Something fun, efficient and effective. Who said personal development has to be difficult, after all?

With our special feminine diaries, work turns into pleasure and keeping track of your personal development process becomes something you actually enjoy.

The special Earth Diary that comes with the Grounding course plays with your awareness and teaches you that the road to authentic confidence is closer than you have ever thought. Just try it!

What People Say About Working With Oana

Adriana Radio Host
Oana is such an amazing coach! For many years, she’s been a constant guest on my radio show and every single time she brings fresh and resourceful information about how to take care of ourselves and our womanhood. What she says is astonishingly true — once consciously activated, the feminine energy can literally change your life!
Silvia Actress
Learning how to work with the feminine energy has been one of the most important projects of my life. And there are two very important things I’ve learned from Oana — the importance of having a guide who can show you the way and a community where you can apply and expand your knowledge. The Feminine gave me both the guidance and the access to a wonderful community. And that’s all that matters!
Ana Architect
Oana beautifully guided me through the ways of conscious femininity, and the Feminine offered me the community I’ve been long craving for. This is how I’ve learned to notice, nourish, and trust my natural gifts. And this helped me to transform my relationships: with my partner, with my children, with my friends, with myself. I become more self-aware, confident and wise.

Practical Benefits Of Grounding

  • 1

    It brings balance and wellbeing to your physical body

  • 2

    It opens the subtle channels of your emotional body

  • 3

    It helps you consciously connect with your womb

  • 4

    It aids with healing many of the common feminine health issues

  • 5

    Balancing the emotional body clears out burnout, fatigue and anxiety

  • 6

    It improves your awareness, and that will make you feel more rooted and confident

Ever felt spaced out or unable to take the right action? What about feeling overwhelmed or powerless in front of the reality of your own life? Yet, you crave for more energy to sustain the upleveling of what truly matters. I hear you sister! And I tell you this: you’ve landed in the right place, at the right time. You will be thrilled with the huuuuuge difference these grounding practices make. Why they work? Well, basically because there’s this proven fact that the second we intentionally connect with nature and tune in with the energy of the Earth we restore our bodies and that increases our alertness, awareness, and confidence. Doubt it? Take advantage of our 30-day unconditional money back guarantee and just try it. See how it feels.

Feel confident with who you are!

Yours for life • Accessible From Anywhere • Tried and Tested

  • Audio teaching on what is Grounding and how it works

  • Full original guided meditation

  • Short guided meditation for a rapid quick fix

  • Exclusive Q&A

  • PLUS
  • Special Earth Diary

99 $
Discounted as our gift for you 19 $
  • Audio teaching on what is Grounding and how it works

  • Full original guided meditation

  • Short guided meditation for a rapid quick fix

  • Exclusive Q&A

  • PLUS
  • Special Earth Diary


Once payment is confirmed, you receive an email right away with immediate access to the course platform, so you can start experiencing Grounding.


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