Women champion, transformational coach, and speaker. Founder of the The Feminine and unconditional supporter of a world transformed by the values of authenticity, inclusiveness, trust and joy.

Women champion,
transformational coach,
and speaker.

As you are reading this, I am going through one of the most substantial transitions in my life: becoming a mother.

In times like these, I am even more aware and grateful for the gifts I have received since I started cultivating the feminine in my life.

Tending to my needs as a woman has become even more crucial as I am now embarking on the journey of constantly nourishing a new human being.

It all started nine years ago. It was during a fresh spring day, which I vividly remember. I took a good look at myself and my life and I had to admit to myself: I wasn't happy. Surrounded by all the things I had previously dreamed of and worked hard to manifest? Yes. Happy? No. What was missing? It took me years of soul searching, world travelling and working closely with mentors to really find out.

The gentle, nourishing touch of the feminine was missing. The deep connection with the essence of the being human. Living aligned with values such as: love, compassion, vulnerability, sensuality, and feeling alive. All of this was missing and the longing for it could have never been satisfied while living the life I used to live.

No wonder that once I found the practices and the lifestyle that kept me in contact with the feminine energy I never went back.

I took my whole previous experience, as a transformative coach, and put it in service of women, creating programs and courses that will support them to also benefit from the powerful remedy that the feminine energy can be for our lifes and for our world.

I am praying that you also find us in a day when you are ready to try something different. Something that will forever keep you in contact with your most intimate self, while supporting you to be powerful in life, in relationship to everything that matters to you or that you want to create. And maybe someday, when life will take you through another one of its initiations, you will also be grateful that you found us, and that you have the tools and the support to look confident towards your future, no matter how new, challenging or overwhelming it seems.

Let me be your guide in feeling the energy that nourishes all life — the feminine.

My journey as a transformative coach started very young. I was as young as 18 years old. Looking back, I see how my inner teacher put me on a path to explore and passionately experience different techniques and healing modalities that enhance the potential we all have. Some of the practices had the power to unleash the mind’s power; others were deeply healing on a soul level, while others worked with the incredible regenerative life force energy of the body.

This gave me a full circle experience and educated me fully into a complete approach of the human mind, body and soul.

I became equally trained to work one to one with my VIP clients, while my work also produces incredible results with large groups of people. I am grateful for this experience and I deeply enjoy each and every opportunity I have to empower someone’s destiny.

In the last five years, my greatest commitment has been for my work with women and for the feminine energy.

It is part of my own unfolding as a woman and the awareness of how powerfully the gifts of women become when we are together and nourish each other.

This inspired me to put myself in service of ongoingly expanding the circle of the feminine.

I know, from experience, that being alone, disconnected from the circle, can make one’s life harder than it should be. I myself felt the pain from not being able to connect healthly with the women in my life. This can be a very hard wound to heal, but necessary for your full blossoming as a woman. I am grateful that I decided and received the support to overcome it.

The circle of the feminine is about healing, awakening and being fully supported. Give yourself permission to enter the circle.

Oana Stoianovici is CEO & Founder of TheFeminine.com, an online platform dedicated to empowering women all over the world to trust their voice, follow their heart and embrace their womanhood — with no fear and no shame. For the past 14 years, Oana has been a transformational coach, entirely dedicating the past 7 years of her career to working mostly with women of all ages and coming from many different cultures. Oana’s unique method brings together ancient knowledge and modern coaching techniques. Also, she’s a strong believer in the healing power of sacred spirituality. Her creed is that you have the innate capacity to be magnetic, sensual and passionate and the right to live the life you love. You can access all that by tapping into your feminine energy and by transforming your daily life through ritual and practice. Up to this day, more than 5,000 women have graduated her classes and workshops.