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Facing The Chaos: Become Mindful And Start A Breathing Circle

As isolation or self isolation become the new normal how can you become mindful and make the most out of this period?

How can you use this opportunity to prepare for what’s ahead?

I invite you to practice being aware and staying mindful.

Yes, it is part of the masculine principle and wisdom, but in this case we need both masculine and feminine. We need balance.

Now… why is being mindful so hard?

Because we’re not used to it.

And because we postponed practicing it due to lack of time, responsibilities, too much work, hobbies, etc.

Ain’t it funny how now we do have time, but we can’t engage with our hobbies and we have less responsibilities, due to the isolation, but we still can’t go deeper and be mindful?

Why do we postpone everything, sleep until late, argue over anything, choose to fear what’s going on and basically loose the precious time that we have?


Being mindful is a shift in vibration.

It’s a shift in consciousness and not something that exists at the same level of acting that we’re used to.

To become mindful we have to interrupt our current thinking pattern, our common beliefs and the perspectives we’re used to having on life.

That’s why most people in danger choose to freeze rather than to become proactive.

Because danger is disruptive. And so is the chaos.

The global chaos that we’re all facing now has disrupted our lives and most of us are still in denial, bored or in freeze mode.

How can we engage with a higher vibration and use this time as a valuable opportunity rather than a breakdown?

First, Breathe…

Breathing melts the freezing mode and allows us to come back into the present moment and engage creatively.

It also brings in the life force energy and it can be a powerful way to take staying home to the next level.

Breathing brings the life force energy into our bodies, so that we can direct it towards healing and keeping our vibration up.

If many people would start doing this now, we will be able to create a mass of vital energy able to counter-balance the energy of disease.

Breathe, so that we can heal more rapidly on a collective level.

The most simple breathing practice is this…

Inhale deeply, expanding the lungs and the abdomen beyond your comfort zone.

Hold your breath for 5 seconds.

Exhale all the air from the lungs and the abdomen.

Hold your breath for another 5 seconds.

Repeat the sequence for 10 minute, for 2 or 3 times a day.

Second, start a Breathing Circle….

As you expand the energy of your breathing practice, it will be very powerful to start a virtual Breathing Circle with friends and engage consciously with your community.

We need each other and we need to amplify the life force energy that can uplift us as individuals and societies.

When women breathe together, we get access to expanded energy that we can use for healing and for intuitive wisdom.

We become clear about what to do next and how to harness the energy for our loved ones.

Creating a Breathing Circle is so easy!

It takes you only 45 minutes of sharing and breathing together for no more than 20 minutes. It will uplift you and the benefits are amazing.

Trust yourself and start now!

Third, practice mindfulness…

Breathing prepares your mind for the present moment and it allows you to think from a much higher perspective.

Engage with being mindful in every action that you take. We don’t have to sit in a lotus position to meditate. Meditation can be an active phenomenon.

You can be present while cooking or making chores, sitting with your children or watching the news.

Activating the Observer allows us to be discerning, see our triggers and separate between the information that lowers our vibration and the information that uplifts us.

The Observer informs us on what we have to work on to access growth and step beyond ego trips, boredom or anxiety.

When we connect with our own growth curve, we leave the external chaos aside and become engaged with our internal one.

By addressing the inner chaos, we find the power to address the outer one.

Practice Balance…

Integrate both the negative and the positive emotions and use them to activate your inner wisdom.

Ask yourself:

We are working behind the scene to offer you the best support that you need to start a virtual Breathing Circle, at a very affordable price, and…

Everything in a feminine, grounded and spiritual empowering way.

Until next week, tell us… what are you struggling with right now? What are your biggest challenges in this crazy new normal?

We are just an email away and we are here to support you unconditionally.

In love & sisterhood,

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