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Why We Feel Stuck In Our Relationships And The Secret To Dealing With It

Do you remember the moment when you fell in love?

The butterflies, the excitement, that instant connection.

You took blissful sips of your loved one, wishing you could savor their taste for something close to an eternity.

During this first stage of a relationship is when our attention is fully directed towards our beloved.

We wish that we could grasp them wildly and never let them go.

But what next?

What happens after we taste the magic and start to “get used” to the presence of the other?

Do we keep on listening?

And if we do, are we doing it consciously?

Any relationship, no matter how it starts, goes through many stages.

Each of these stages has a specific layer of presence and listening.

Are you curious what are the four layers of listening and how they unfold?

Watch this video and discover:

I am super happy that we can finally broadcast this video and I hope if will bring you many useful insights.

In love and sisterhood,

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