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What does sensuality mean to you?

I was having a truly interesting conversion with some friends the other day and I’m excited to share the whole story with with you.

It all started when someone asked: what does sensuality mean to you? And what’s the difference between sensuality and sexuality?

That’s a classic, ain’t it?

For instance, to me, sensuality is the language of pleasure and beauty.

Sensuality is our capacity to be fluid and flow with our feminine energy.

Above all, it is allowing to FEEL through your senses, NOW.

Sensuality is the language that we use to express love and play the game of seduction.

Sensuality is the feeling of diffuse, indeterminate, aimless pleasure.

On the other hand, sexuality is how we experience and express ourselves sexually. It is the energy through which we create and generate life.

Sensuality is how we express ourselves after we’ve anchored our sexuality.

Coming back to the story, the interesting thing is that the question ignited a fiery talk. Everybody came up with their own definition of sensuality.

And it was so interesting!

A favorite take came from a male friend who defined sensuality as “le sentiment de plaisir diffus, indéterminé, sans objet“.

Which means the feeling of diffuse, indeterminate, aimless pleasure.

Pleasure for the sake of pleasure.

Beauty for the sake of beauty.

Now, I wonder: what does sensuality mean to you?

I’m immensely curious, so I created a form where you can write down your ideas.

Drop your ideas here or in the comments section below.

Please don’t over think it. Just write down whatever comes into your mind and heart. 💕

We’re also cooking a surprise, so you DO want to drop your thoughts!

With love,

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