The Feminine

We Are All One

Black lives matter.

I have not been raised against any kind of race or minority. But I have witnessed racism and bullying and oppression, in my country and not only.

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, please follow the George Floyd heart-wrenching case here.

What’s been happening for ages needs to shift and transform. Now.

My heart breaks at the thought that we have to witness, over and over again, how one human being inflicts so much pain upon another human being, for absolutely no reason.

When hate and fear get trapped in the heart, they create an uptight and oblivious mind.

Oblivious to the fact that we are all the same—human.

We are all one…

In spite of the huge achievements of the past decades, we still have a lot of work to do in order to be able to truly open our minds and hearts and awaken to our humanity.

And yes, women play a huge role in this.

My firm conviction is that that women understand oppression and dehumanisation to the very core of their being. It has been our history for too long.

Also, women feel the pain. And because they feel the pain, they have developed the capacity to heal it.

I ask you today, as part of our Sacred Circle, to create a ritual and witness the pain of our own oppression.

Acknowledge the oppression and open your heart…

Acknowledge the oppression of the black community around the world. And the oppression of your own kind, as it plays out in your region and just breathe with it.

Observing heals and it also educates us. Let us educate ourselves to be more and to be better.

I have planned to write about how opening the heart can be your first step into the feminine Sacred Circle.

And it turns out that what’s happening in the world indirectly frames, in a very raw and tangible way, how the feminine energy works and how it can help us heal.

How the feminine energy can heal us…

The feminine energy immediately presents you with what needs to be addressed, healed, shifted and transformed, on both the individual and collective levels.

How do we engage with what comes up?

We bring awareness, breath and allow the energy to move us through our inner and outer landscapes.

Also, we can create a ritual around what needs to be processed and we consciously engage with it.

We learn how the energy wants us to engage with it, how it wants us to own our process and open our eyes, bodies and hearts.

The feminine energy moves through us and it supports us to voice out what we feel.

And in a way, that’s what oppression does. It stops us from moving freely, from speaking up and from standing on behalf of our own voice.

When we allow the feminine to move through us, it takes us places we never dared to imagine.

It pushes us to take the right action, open our heart and surrender to the healing process.

Saying YES to the Sacred Circle connects you with your heart and with the hearts of the others. The emotion moves through you and it eventually brings us all in a beautiful sync.

Let’s meet in the Sacred Circle, so that we can breathe through any kind of oppression and anchor a new level of freedom for ourselves and for those we love. We are all one.

In love & sisterhood,

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