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The Spiritual Benefits Of Belonging To A Sacred Circle Of Initiated Women

Today’s blog post is about a powerful spiritual resource that I discovered on my feminine path: the Sacred Circle of initiated women.

Now, more than ever, I realise how important it is for us to create true, meaningful relationships that make us feel whole, heard, accepted and supported in our deepest desires and wildest visions.

As I’m writing this, the world seems to be facing a second wave of this pandemic. We are abiding by the rule of social distancing and, to various degrees, we are still confined to our homes.

In this context, having a support group and sisters with whom we can connect and nourish our vitality is absolutely essential.

The spiritual power of a soul-to-soul connection

Human beings need connection and women need it even more.

Connection, intimacy and soul-to-soul conversations are what make a woman thrive. When they are missing, we feel like an engendered species.

Truly, the reason we crave so much for love and connection is because without touch and without feelings and the soul-to-soul experience, we can’t survive. We retrieve and slowly die on the inside.

Love is a force that makes us blossom. And for me, the Sacred Circle of initiated women has always been the medicine when love was lacking in my life.

And it still is a precious resource when I feel weak. My secret source of power when I need to be wise.

The Sacred Circle is where I retrieve and feel that I can be myself. That I can laugh fully, cry fully, be confused, show up in my full power. Be a mess and also be brilliant.

The Circle of women is like a primordial womb, the original Mother that can see you in your true authentic splendor.

It has so many roles, but what always struck me the most is the spiritual function it bears in a woman’s soul journey.

Inside a Sacred Circle you can devote time to cultivate the feminine energy

Its center becomes a living prayer for the Divine Feminine.

Our sacred listening and open hearts make room for the Divine to speak through us. And the shared energy rejuvenates us and gives us strength to move forward, beyond the impossible.

In the Sacred Circle we pray and meditate. And our prayers combined allow us to bring more life force energy into our lives and this touches all the people that we love.

Take for instance Alexandra’s story. Her cultivating the feminine energy reached out to her mother, healing her depression, also allowing the generational lineage to enliven.

“Cultivating my sensuality helped me tune into my inner rhythms. I gathered the courage to state my truth and the power to show the whole world who I truly am, what I need and what I desire. Also, the sensual energy that I’ve been cultivating helped my mother (yes, that also happens!) heal her years long depression and took our relationship to a whole new level. Now, we are not only mother and daughter, but sisters and best friends.”

Women supporting women

When you create a Sacred Circle in our life, you get access to spiritual relationships with other women too.

That means you receive real support and feel safe in each other’s company.

You can be honest about your emotions and vulnerable, without feeling that you lose power or control.

Also, you can show up in the Circle in your most beautiful and glorious self, without feeling any subtle sabotaging envy or jealousy. But honest appreciation.

You feel the other women standing for your dreams as you stand for theirs too.

Together we pray for our loved ones, making all the small victories and all the great failures our very own.

In the Sacred Circle we grow and take the time to do the spiritual work that growth requires.

The Sacred Circle by The Feminine

I am super excited that we are soon opening our first International Sacred Circle. Yes, this resource can and will be part of your life and support your journey full on.

That’s precisely why I want to know what are you most struggling with these days.

Please go here and share with me what aspect of your life needs the most improvement.

To be able to help each other, we first need to get to know each other and become familiar with our needs and desires.

This small poll makes it super easy for you to share with me your pain points, so that I can give you my full support in the Circle.

Also, join me tomorrow in a brand-new Facebook Live as I will share more about the power of the Sacred Circle and how you can use it to attract and manifest quickly the things that you want. Yes, even in the midst of uncertain times.

With Love,

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