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Tantric Practice For Cleansing And Connecting

Which is the number one resource that you access when you feel emotionally overwhelmed? Or stuck in a situation that you don’t feel comfortable with?

We are navigating intense, uncertain and overwhelming times. A new and unmapped reality is emerging. But for now, we are in the midst of a turmoil.

How can we cope with it? And, most importantly, how do we stay centred and own our authentic voice and vision, in the midst of these shifts?

I want to share with you a beautiful Tantric practice that I use when I need to cleanse, purify and centre myself.

You can use this practice whenever you hit a big growth challenge in your personal life or feel challenged by the collective energy.

I also use it after I work with big groups of people and take in all the emotions and patterns that need to be released.

It helped me to stay connected with myself and aligned to the clear and clean stream of life force energy, the feminine energy. Therefore, it also allowed me to stay on my path, ground myself and feel empowered in any given circumstance.

As an empath, I find it challenging not to lose myself into other people’s emotions and thoughts. I need a way to come back to myself and recenter. This Tantric practice allows me to open up and be intimate without losing myself in the process.

Tantric practice for cleansing and connecting

This practice helps you to decondition any patterns and limitations that might prevent you from feeling free and at home in your own body.

In the Tantric tradition, darkness is seen as the empty void where creation takes place.

This dark void is a familiar and friendly place for women, because it resembles the primordial womb.

In old times, women used darkness as a place to give birth and renew themselves emotionally and spiritually.

Also, the darkness spoke to them about their power to welcome symbolic death into the corner of their hearts and allow the limitations of the ego to melt away. This made room for the Soul to express itself.

Darkness also enhances the vision and the intuition from which you can develop a new set of skills.

This practice is very powerful to cleanse yourself and connect with the very core of who you are.

Now let’s practice

Sit on the floor, completely relaxed in pitch blue darkness. Make sure there is no light or noise to distract you.

You can set a timer to slowly wake you up. Certainly, you can give yourself permission to go with the flow of the process.

You can do this practice anytime during the day, Yet, in the evening it might also be a good transition to a profound night sleep.

Lie down on a yoga mattress in complete darkness and simply breathe.

Allow your body to melt into the floor and observe any tension, whether physical or emotional.

Let the darkness cleanse you and give yourself permission to just be in the now.

For a few minutes, just breathe and observe.

Deep inside, something will start to relax. Allow it.

When the practice is over, transition slowly and make sure you keep breathing.

Take time to come back to daily life by drinking a nice warm tea. Take some time to integrate the inner movements.

I encourage you to do this Tantric practice and share with me the benefits.

It will allow you to be more feminine, no matter the circumstances, giving you access to flow and be fluid, without loosing yourself.

Join me LIVE

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I will share more about how the feminine energy works and how the feminine process unfolds when we allow the vital life force energy to heal us.

Join me LIVE here.

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