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Rethinking Relationships Through Intimacy

Today I’m answering to a question coming from Nina:

“What if you’re a successful woman who has no baggage, no drama, takes care of herself, has a great group of solid girlfriends and is beautiful, but has zero interest for men? I’m social, I’m told I’m fun and inspiring and yet I’m invisible to men. How is this possible? How does one make herself visible to men?”

My dear Nina, to start with, know this: there is nothing wrong with being great on all levels! Please, keep on being amazing and be proud of it!

The problem with being invisible to men can be summed up in the following way: unless you enter into a relationship with a man from your Heart, you become entangled in a power game where it seems you have the upper hand.

Why do you have the upper hand?

Because you have no specific needs that ask to be fulfilled from the outside.

You see, men are conditioned to be providers. Hence, your ability to provide for yourself can make them feel like they can’t actually contribute to you in any way. They feel powerless or without value.

That’s why you might want to switch from a power game to a Heart-To-Heart Connection.



When you speak and act from the Heart you are authentic and vulnerable.

So, if you want to “be seen” by a man and eventually start a fulfilling relationship, you have to open up your Heart and give yourself permission to be authentic and vulnerable. This is how you create intimacy. First within yourself and then next to another.

It is your capacity to be vulnerable and intimate without feeling threatened that makes a man see you and be attracted to you.

A man does not know how to access intimacy without a woman.

You are his key to Love. But for that, you have to know love and intimacy from within.

Going deeper into your vulnerability and opening your Heart will change the power dynamic to an intimacy dynamic and this will be the game changer that you’ve been looking for.

Women are stronger when they are together. Let’s enhance our wisdom by sharing our journeys.

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P.S. If you want to learn more about the value of intimacy, why it matters so much and how it affects our relationships, hop over here and watch this video.

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