The Feminine

Reconnecting With The Divine Feminine And Reclaiming Your Power & Wild Nature

At times, the connection with the Divine Feminine can look abstract and far away.

How do we activate this connection?

How do we feel the Divine Feminine?

This connection is there, embedded in your womb and heart.

And you can feel it when you allow yourself to simply breathe.

The Divine Feminine is the life force energy moving through you and expressing itself in many different ways.

Rediscovering ecstasy and pleasure…

This week, a lady from our community wrote to me, very surprised that after enrolling in our Be Your Radiant free Mini Course she had an amazing experience with the feminine energy.

She is a religious person and has separated from her partner two years ago. Also, two years ago she dropped all her sexiness and attractiveness and chose to stay home and take care of her daughter. The separation and her religious upbringing surfaced, pushing her to shut down and focus solely on raising her daughter.

Then, she discovered us and started the breathing practice. Slowly, she started to feel alive and full of passion again.

She felt the need to continue until she fell back into her sexiness and orgasmic nature.

She wrote to me surprised of this occurrence, asking if there is something “wrong” with her, now that she feels so much pleasure and aliveness.

The feminine energy activated her femininity and soon she claimed back her natural Divine Feminine gift: ecstasy and full passion.

A gift that’s there for you and for me, and for any woman who simply starts to breathe with her body.

Reconnecting with the Divine Feminine…

Is this magic or witchcraft? Yes and no! :))))

No, in the sense that nobody puts any spell on you and that nobody from the outside can ever cause that.

Yes, in the sense that letting go of the mind and of the masculine conditioning and just simply breathing can reconnect you with the Divine Feminine cells in your body. It can activate those cells, so that you feel a rush of energy through your whole being and start experiencing life as ecstatic.

No man, technique, formula or guru. Just you, breathing and the feminine energy.

The feminine energy is the dormant force in your cells, waiting for you to activate it. It is our legacy and our birthright.

It does not thrive in a masculine mind. Nor does it resonate with logical (left-brain) thinking. Instead, it flourishes when you learn the language of your emotions.

It wakes up when you allow yourself to be wild, untamed, raw and spontaneous.

The feminine energy is paradoxical, unpredictable, free of any labels and concepts. She is alive and raw, thriving to live, to experience and to make love with the whole world.

Reclaiming your wild nature…

Shakti lives in the present and she guides you into reclaiming your power and the capacity to be wild, alive and present.

Next week, I invite you in a fabulous journey where you can experience and understand how cultivating a conscious relationship with different aspects of the feminine energy can bring into your life passion, aliveness and so much more.

When you take time to breathe with your innate feminine energy and explore its many facets you are taken into a love affair.

A love affair that will elevate you, teach you how to be beautiful and how to own your radiance.

An adventure that teaches you how to become powerful and respect yourself.

An incredible journey that has the potential to uplift you from any situation and change the course of your life.

These are not big words sister, but the poetry of what is possible when you meet yourself in a new way, a feminine way.

Next week, I invite you to start exploring the many facets of your your femininity, reclaim your wild nature and discover how complex and beautiful, how soft and kind, strong and wise you truly are.

Will you join me?

In love & sisterhood,

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