The Feminine

My 3 golden steps to create change, the feminine way

We’re already a week into 2020 and – allow me to guess – by now your resolutions are either breaking it or making it. 😅

Why, so often, our resolutions fail?

But most important…

…. we’re not intentional enough.

Here’s the thing.

Changing a habit is never easy.

It requires focus, will and discipline.

And – according to science – it takes roughly 21 days to carve a new neural network in our brain to support the new habit.

Too hard, already? 😅

Let’s make the journey sensual, graceful and let’s make it pleasurable and feminine.

Here are my 3 golden steps to switch from resolutions to intentionally creating a change, the feminine way.

1. Be specific about what you want to create.

Turn the wish or complaint into a powerful declaration.

Turn “I want to lose weight and go to the gym, regularly”, into “I am radiant, healthy and fit”.

Flip “I want more love and passion in my life”, into “I open my heart and my womb to new levels of intimacy and pleasure”.

“I want to win big time at my job” becomes “I expand beyond my comfort zone and step into full leadership”.

2. Make it pleasurable.

The feminine way is about sensuality and pleasure. Not about hard work, stress, pressure and deadlines.

It is about nurturing the seed, loving the rosebud and, above all, having faith in the dream.

The feminine way of manifestation requires attention for your vision, care for your emotions and understanding that they are guiding your manifestation process.

Taking those inner and outer actions that your intuition signals you about, are the bridge between the subtle realms and the physical reality.

This is how you bring your vision to life. You are a bearer until you deliver. You give birth to your dream.

The feminine way is very different from the masculine. We don’t take action, but listen first. We harness, we don’t conquer. We don’t exhaust ourselves, but honour the body.

It is through the development of our emotions and through the integration of the spiritual and emotional process that we put our intention in motion, grow into our vision and manifest it.

3. Let your intention guide you into a feminine ritual that you can do, regularly.

Harness your vision and cultivate the energy required to manifest it.

A ritual is a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects, performed in a Sacred Space, through prayer or meditation.

When consciously created, a ritual empowers you to cultivate your connection with the feminine energy and it allows you to nurture and to feel nourished, making everything more pleasurable. YES, that’s what the feminine energy does.

Let’s be honest… How many of us can truly stick to a routine that we don’t genuinely enjoy?

When you enjoy it, you do it!

Any sequence of gestures and thoughts can be ritualised. Just remember to remain devoted to your intention and honour the moment, the space and the emotions that will surface. By doing this, you cherish the core of the feminine energy.

Imagine a ritual that you can do on a daily basis, as a way to harness your intention.

The results are always amazing.

So, now that you’re ready, what’s your intention for 2020? What do you want to create? 🎊

In awe of you,

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