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Motherhood: Challenges And Blessings

There are only a few days left until Mother’s Day and I had this idea to make it different and significant and reflect on the many different aspects of motherhood – the challenges and the blessings.

Let’s use this special day to send gratitude to our own Mothers, for their challenges and blessings, and make it meaningful, by turning inwards and mother our Inner Girls.

Listen this episode of The Feminine #Uncut podcast that we recorded some time ago, about the ups and downs of balancing motherhood and womanhood.

The Feminine #Uncut Podcast · Ep. 23 – The ups and downs of balancing motherhood and womanhood

Here are some brief takeaways…

So, are you totally immersed into ​motherhood?

Or are your rather avoiding the topic, feeling indifferent or rejecting it?

Either way, this podcast is for you.

After you listen, join our Sacred Circle and share with us your own experience with motherhood and the feelings around it.

With infinite love,

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