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Mini Guide: How To Shift Your Relationship And Go Deeper Into The Art Of Intimacy

Last week I started a conversation about intimacy and relationships in quarantine.

If you missed the article, you can find it here.

In this blog post, I want to take you deeper into the issue, with a special Mini Guide.

If you really take the steps I’m guiding you through, you’ll be able to shift the way you experience solitude, go deeper into the art of intimacy and eventually transform your relationship with your man or with the masculine energy, in general.

So, let’s begin.

1. Let aloneness become your teacher…

What’s your spiritual lesson?

What about your growth curve?

Don’t overthink it. The most important lesson is usually right in your face. It is the “thing” that you fear the most or that makes you feel the most vulnerable.

Embrace it, accept it and engage with it fearlessly. The time is now.

2. Discover what you really need, emotionally and psychologically…

This is the aspect where we tend to wait for things to simply happen. Like a Divine intervention or a saviour to show up and fulfil our needs. And if it doesn’t happen, we end up being very disappointed or painfully hurt.

But what if you were in the desert?

Picture yourself all alone, with limited resources. What would you do?

How would you be able to rely on yourself emotionally and psychologically to keep going?

What inner resources would you harness, in this scenario?

Just think about it.

3. Learn how to have your back and become your own parent…

Look at your emotional needs.

Do they speak for your Inner Girl, for your inner teenager or for the Woman?

What do all these inner aspects need from you?

How can you love them, accept them and actually take care of them authentically?

What gestures and rituals can you employ?

And more importantly, what fresh psychological qualities do you need to learn, develop and express in relationship to these inner aspects, so that you are effective in loving and nourishing them?

At difficult times, these aspects challenge you to grow in new ways and bring to surface unseen emotional needs.

Paying attention to the subtle shades is what empowers and supports you.

4. Spend time with your Inner Girl and inner adolescent and do something loving and nourishing for the Woman…

Use the circle and the Divine Feminine to support you.

Whether we are single or in a relationship, we actually draw power from the Circle of women in our life.

Then, we meet with the masculine to create.

If you are feeling lonely, whether you are single or in a relationship, take this time to deepen your connection with the Divine Feminine.  You will be able to feel the support, not only in the physical realm, but also in the spiritual one.

5. Respect and accept your partner’s process and inner rhythms…

If you are single, accept that you are single. Use this time in a conscious way.

It will allow you to engage with the masculine at a whole new level, after the containment ends.

Harness your feminine energy and tend to your needs.

Embrace solitude and make it shine.

Make love to yourself and celebrate womanhood.

If you really access the woman’s energy and mother you Inner Girl, you will experience a blossoming of your feminine power.

If you are in a relationship (living together or not) it is very important to accept your partner’s process.

Feel his rhythms and allow him to process what’s going on.

I have received tons of emails from women writing about their men retrieving, shutting down or simply not being able to connect with them emotionally.

Men are wired differently. So, even if they do go through the same process like us, they respond differently.

Now, you have a great opportunity to meet your man from the woman’s energy.

Let go of resentment, expectations, attachments and of your version of how things should feel or look like and pay attention to the present moment.

Pay attention to him. Feel him. Sense him. Don’t be afraid to look with an observing eye. It might be the very thing that will illuminate you and make you fall deeper for your man.

6. Take time apart from your partner.

Couples need time apart to re-harmonise. When we consciously engage with the emotional and physical distance, we re-discover attraction, chemistry and longing.

Being on our own, wether we are single or in a relationship, can be a very good resource for intimacy.


If we consciously take emotional and physical distance, we are able to polarise the masculine and feminine energies.

The secret to a fulfilling relationship with the masculine lies in a woman’s capacity to harness her feminine energy, on her own or along other women and practice distance, from time to time.

This allows the man to harness his own masculine energy.

The distance will draw you back together more intimate than ever. More available for each other and ready to share your unique gifts.

Following these simple steps will bring tremendous spiritual growth and the opportunity to shift your dynamics with men and make you write your love life with power and fulfilment.

If you need more guidance, you can always access the Sacred Circle here or start your feminine journey with this soothing Grounding Mediation that I’m offering for 1$ only, here.​

Until next, stay safe and live consciously!

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