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Why Taking A Moment Off Helps You Manifest Abundance

I want to start a conversation about femininity and abundance, inspired by a question coming from Natalia, who asks:

“I would like to focus on abundance, material abundance and abundance in general and how to work with my femininity to develop this in my life. How can I manifest more resources (money), independence, freedom and respect at work, in relationships and in general?”

Natalia, I hear you.

For me, 2020 is all about abundance and tapping into wealth and well-being.

My intention, from day one, was to work with the feminine energy to take my relationship with wealth and abundance to a whole new level.

This goal catapulted me into a transformative journey, giving me a mind-blowing, fresh perspective.

Pay attention to your needs and vital energy

The first inner movement I was guided into was to pay attention to my emotions, my physical needs and my vital energy – every single moment. Not only after a hard day or when I feel totally depleted or sick. Paying attention should be lifestyle, not a crisis based reaction.

Making money and accessing wealth is connected to my vital energy and to how I manage it.

Specifically, the lesson the feminine energy taught me was to create radiant health in a stable way. Which is also strongly connected to my capacity to expand and manifest more, in all areas of my life.

But how can you access more when, in most cases, having more also means giving more, answering more requests and spending more – time, energy, money, resources etc.?

I was stuck in this paradox for a long time…

How can I generate abundance when – truth being told – I spend most of my energy on fulfilling the needs of others?

Is it possible to actually be more productive and abundant, while respecting your healthy boundaries?

The AHA moment came when I realised that the key to all this is in how I nurture, manage and channel my vital energy.

Let me give you an example…

Few days ago, I was preparing to head to a meeting.

I was making efforts to bring myself together. My partner was having a personal crisis, by baby was going through a “mommy, mommy” moment and at a business level we were trying to deal with a technical breakdown.

On the surface, everything was against me.

As soon as I stepped through the door, my phone rang: my meeting was cancelled.

In that moment I had a choice…

… turn back and manage everything – as I always do – or embrace those few hours and do something that would nourish me and give me some head space.

Guilt popped in…

Is it truly okay to take a moment off? Am I being selfish?

I breathed and allowed the energy to guide me.

I followed it and chose to have a plentiful lunch – all by myself.

Figure that!

Allowing the energy to guide you…

By the time I was placing my order, the phone rang again and the person who cancelled the meeting somehow made it for lunch.

We had a great time and she also offered to pay for everything, as a way to make up for the delay.

By the time we finished our lunch, my partner’s crisis started to diminish, my baby was back to playing and my team found a solution for the tech crisis.

The feminine proved to me, once again, that allowing the energy to guide you is always miraculous.

Letting go of control and releasing the habit of doing things as we are used to takes us to places we’ve never dared to imagine.

Abundance comes when you make room for the new possibilities to arise and take you by surprise.

And the feminine energy is the best guide for that, teaching you how to connect with your emotions, manage your energy and stay connected with your body every single moment.

Staying true to who you are and accepting what you need – without guilt or shame – is the link to manifesting more resources, independence, freedom, respect, abundance and well-being.

Do you think you can do that?

Yes you can and you do deserve it!

In love & sisterhood,

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