The Feminine

Intimacy and relationships in difficult times

How are you and your lover coping with the current situation?

How do you nurture your intimacy and what are your resources, as a couple?

And if you are single, how do you harness your feminine energy, so that you can feel balanced and grounded?

You might think that being single in self-isolation is the hardest thing. Yet, many couples experience the same aloneness, even if they are quarantined together.

Why so?

When we are challenged, our immediate response is to shut down. And that impacts intimacy.

We unconsciously withdraw and all our energy is consumed on addressing the immediate emotional or physical challenges.

That being said, what can you do to stay connected? How can go deeper into intimacy, even in the most difficult contexts?

Use your aloneness and surrender…

Yes, you heard me well.

Understand that your aloneness serves a purpose and surrender.

Surrendering takes you into a spiritual inner journey.

And as uncomfortable as it may feel at the beginning, as rewarding it will be in the end.

I said it times and times again: this pandemic will change us in the most fundamental ways.

When we don’t resist change and embrace it, we ride the wave and shift our whole perception of reality.

With no options at hand, we let go of control and of the illusion that we can forecast, manage or deal with the situation quickly and easily.

When we surrender, we face the situation in such a way that allows us to engage with the lessons that we have to learn.

Coming soon…

So, if you want to learn some practical ways to balance your feminine energy and recreate the experience of intimacy, no matter if you’re single or in a relationship, stay tuned.

Next week, I’m sending you a mini guide that will give you some handy solutions to help you use this time of solitude to transform the way you experience intimacy and your relationship with the masculine.

I created this guide following my personal ups and downs and reading tens and tens of emails that I keep receiving from many of you who feel challenged in their intimacy and relationships.

Until next week, I really want to learn more about how you are experiencing this quarantine in terms of love and intimacy.

Please write to me in the comments below or join us in our private Sacred Circle where I do regular live sessions and Q&S and share your story.

All my love,

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