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How to identify and actualize growth opportunities

Have you ever pondered on the difference between attracting things in your life and the real growth opportunities that make change last?

What do I mean by that?

There are many techniques and breathing exercises that allow you to experience an expanded state of consciousness and easily attract something new and exciting.

In fact, many of these techniques are meant to help us open up and stretch our minds, so that we can experience a bit more of the Divine.

But how does real change occur? The kind of change that transforms into an enduring experience which ultimately becomes your new reality.

To be able to attract and become the “things” that we desire, we actually need to accept that change requires psychological and emotional growth.

In the feminine way of manifesting, these growth opportunities are met through a rite of passage.

The rite of passage is a becoming process that allows us to take our stuck emotions and elevate them from the stage where they initially got saddled.

Then, we need to grow up and become a more mature and grounded version of ourselves.

This may surprise you, but really – emotionally, we have work to do to in order to embody the woman.

Most of us get trapped into a girlish and/or adolescent state of mind. We only know how to create an empowered life as women through fight. Also, we rely on immature emotions, perceptions and ways of being that can’t really support our desires.

Truly, even if we activate the feminine energy, unless we allow it to guide us into growth, very little real transformation can occur in our lives.

Practice and ritual are foundational

Nothing grows overnight. Situations, people, and you need time to grow and eventually embody the growth.

The biggest shift that allowed me to experience the power of the feminine was when I allowed myself to let go of my Inner Girl’s need to control and gave myself permission to take the growth opportunities seriously and learn a new way of being feminine.

The archetypal journey of meeting the Virgin, the Mother, the Wild Woman, and the Wise Woman in me became the turning point. I started to feel and understand how different the Woman and the Girl are.

Maturing the Inner Girl

My Inner Girl was stuck and afraid to be a mother. The woman elevated her beyond fear and I gave birth to an amazing baby girl.

She also waited for Price Charming, trapped in a tower of projections and romantic abstractions, only to end up feeling betrayed and hurt. Then, life showed her that relationships actually do require work.

The woman surrendered to the “work” and I grew into somebody who now nurtures her relationships.

My Inner Girl felt anxious and insecure, wanting to be safe and avoid abandonment. She would sacrifice a lot just for people to be around. The woman in me is fearless and independent. So, she guided me into becoming a source of inspiration and leadership for my family and beyond.

Also, my Inner Girl couldn’t trust the feminine. But the woman forgave and allowed her to open up and start trusting other women.

Identifying and actualizing growth opportunities

You too can experience a profound shift in your life, right now. But first, you need to identify and actualize the growth opportunities that the woman within presents you.

To start with, turn to your Inner Girl and love her like a mother. Hold her and whisper into her ear that she is seen, loved, and cherished. That all her fears have a solution, her expectations their own path and that her pain can be healed.

Even if you have absolutely no idea how all these changes will unfold, you need to surrender and let yourself be guided by the Divine Feminine.

It is safe. You are safe. The Feminine energy is here to protect you and to love you. Just let go and enable Her show you the way.

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