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How I take care of myself, especially in extraordinary circumstances

I have a very different type of life than most people that I know.

I work a lot, like really a lot and with large groups of students.

Whether I like it or not, the only way I can manage my lifestyle on the long run and still be radiant and healthy is to authentically take care of myself, on multiple levels.

Taking into account the present global context, that challenges us to be even more aware than usual of our health and manage it properly, I felt compiled to to put together a blog post about the many ways in which you can maintain a glowing, radiant and healthy environment.

As women, we are inclined to take in a lot of toxicity and negativity from our environment.

There are a lot of unprocessed emotions, especially from our partners and close family members – like parents, sisters and brothers or from our best friends.

And when you also work with a lot of people, you definitely need to sort out your emotions and upgrade your self-care routine.

Here’s how I practice self-care

I start my process by sitting in silence and checking up with my body.

I ask myself…

What do I feel? How do I feel?

Is this emotion mine?

Is this something that I need to process or can I just let it go?

I usually breath deeply, visualising that emotion spiralling down into the earth, while I ask Mother Earth to clear it away for me.

I take my time until I feel clear, neutral and connected to my center.

If those emotions are actually mine and need more of my attention…

I give myself time and use feminine practices and Inner Child work to sort out what needs to shift.

I check my levels of vitality and pay attention to what I specifically need.

Then, I make sure that my body receives the right nourishment.

Usually, I take hot baths with Epsom Salt and Dottera essential oils, to unwind and relax.

I use Lavender to cool down my nervous system and Copaiba and Cypress to recharge my womb area after working with women.

Also, I ground myself over the night, using Earthling, to process the excess of energy acquired from group work.

As a practice, I sit quietly in complete darkness, every once in a while, I paint and use the first day of my menstrual cycle to withdraw from everybody and look at my soul’s needs. Where am I? What makes me happy, what makes me angry, what brings me joy, what brings me pain?

I make sure that I listen to myself and change or address what is needed.

As a rule, I never postpone actions that make my soul feel unease. Action is my way to feel and stay whole.

I hope this supports you in creating a more feminine and integrated – mind, body and soul – lifestyle.

What about you? What’s your favourite self-care ritual?

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