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balance in time of crisis

As we become more and more aware of how uncertain everything can be, I thought we should talk today about the things that can empower you, as you navigate through the feelings of fear and insecurity triggered by the current pandemic crisis.

In moments like this, women play a crucial role because they can provide unique inner knowledge and wisdom.

Women can intuitively connect with themselves, with others and with their environment.

They honour the rhythms of life, understanding that any cycle has its purpose and, when met with grace and awareness, it can actually serve us all.

Women nurture the values of humanity and provide real comfort and emotional strength, no matter the circumstances.

So, what can you do to embody all these and find balance in time of crisis?

You can retrieve from the family and from the collective chaos and meditate with Mother Nature and with the Divine Mother, calling forth your higher vision, intuition and sacred knowledge to support and uplift you.

When you listen deep and understand how to stay safe physically, you harness the energy that enables you to pay attention to your dear ones and keep them safe.

This is you being a leader and understanding that friends, parents, elders and children need you every day.

When you address the physical level of your relationship with the threat (the virus, in this case), you also decipher the emotional aspect of the pandemic and how it affects those close to you.

And please remember, even if we don’t pay so much attention, the emotional layer is as important as the physical one.


Because this pandemic is pushing us all to clean our act and really embody our knowledge and spirituality.

It pushes us to let go, declutter, move forward, take the next step and move to the next level of understanding.

The emotional layer is as critical  as the physical one and it needs to be addressed correctly.

Indeed, you can’t engage with it unless you clean the house properly, wash your hands and practice either social distancing or self-quarantine (depending on where you are in the world).

On another level, due to the strict containment protocol, most of the things that would normally keep us engaged, will be restricted or limited.

So, all of a sudden we have a lot of free time to deal with and a lot of energy that needs to be consumed.

And even if you are the most well-prepared person in the world and already have a plan 🙂 the context is radically different and a lot of triggers will show up.

So, we better be prepared.

Here are some practical things that you can do, to address the issue.

Discipline your mind

Don’t engage in ego battles. They are huge distractions and they also lower your vibration.

Don’t spent too much time connecting with bad news.

When you sense that your mind starts to engage with fear or negative scenarios, stop, breath and focus on your body, by deeply breathing or doing soft physical exercise, like yoga or pilates.

You can strengthen your connection with the Earth by clearing the space in the house two, three time a day and also practice Grounding Meditations (read until the end for a much needed surprise). 😉

Discipline your emotional body

Each time you engage with your emotions, try to breath as much as you can.

Look at the beliefs that the negative and the positive emotions bring to surface. You need to integrate both.

Thriving only for the positive will catapult you into an ungrounded naive mindset. Remember, finding balance in time of crisis is your real stake here.

Use essential oils and connect with your Inner Child and your biological children to find joy and easiness.

Discipline your soul

The global crisis pushes us into a form of isolation. It’s an inward movement – like the winter of the soul, if we’d like to compare it with Mother Nature’s seasons.

This is the perfect time to retrieve, draw conclusions and meditate with a new spiritual cycle.

You can ignite it in your own inner universe and use this momentum to start a new decade on a soul level.

What is your soul craving for? Are you listening?

How we can support you

And last but not least, to support you and your family to find balance in time of crisis and get through this complicated times, we offer our original Grounding Meditation, from the 4 Pillars of Femininity Course, for only 1$.

I totally encourage you to use it as a tool to anchor yourself in a powerful process that includes both teachings and meditation, and connect with your soul’s evolution deeper and deeper.

In the upcoming days, I will also have three free live classes to support us collectively, so stay tuned.

To attend, simply follow us Facebook and Instagram and make sure you receive all our notifications.

Get the Grounding Meditation for only 1$ here.

In love & sisterhood,

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