The Feminine

Coping with change the feminine way

As the new normal settles in, we find ourselves caught up in an emotional whirlwind of realisations about the deep change this pandemic has forced us into.

So many of us have gone through radical shifts in our intimate relationships with our partner or with our loved ones.

As this is clearly not just a two-months-only lockdown, a significant part of our behaviour needs to change. For good.

Even if many of us still find it difficult to accept it.

For me, the abruptness with which I had to let go of all the support and move into full business, with a full house and baby in care, left me in a shock I still have not recovered from.

The good side?

We are forced into ownership and into emotional bonding.

The bad side?

We are working our asses off, coping with the emotional disappointment of not being able to have people in our lives as we used to.

So many of our relationships have been shattered because people close to us have a different set of values or they simply don’t want to hear or respect the other’s point of view.

I have heard from many of you about how relationships with your loved one changed or broke because there was no common ground.

The new reality

So yes, these uncertain times are waking us up, asking to integrate the new reality out there and make healthy decisions that foster our visions and dreams.

No more postponing, mind boggling or uncertainty.

The uncertain is calling for us to step up and take a decision.

What holds you back? What do you truly desire?

The time is now, my dear. Go for it!

And if you’re a human being – which you certainly are 🙂 – yes, this sudden change can feel like a shock or even a trauma. Unless you have someone to talk to.

And by the way, I am here for you. Anytime, just an email away. Don’t hesitate and let’s connect.

We have been really thinking and meditating on how we can be a constant support in your life.

Many of you asked me…

How can I make the Circle more tangible in my life? Especially if my relationship with the feminine has been traditionally weak?

What about being able to feel the Divine Feminine guidance and energy in a real, tangible way?

How can I trust that devoting time to ritual and practice will pay off, especially if I feel so much emotional ache and anxiety right now?

The honest answer is this…

You need time, support and a real and permanent structure that can facilitate the connection with the feminine, so that you can feel it and make it your number one spiritual resource, for all challenges and opportunities.

It took me time, leaps of faith, trust, devotion to the process, a lot of meditation and cultivation of the feminine energy with literally thousands of women, during the last seven years.

That’s why I am deeply aware of what type of process will come easy and help you feel the feminine.

Stay tuned! There’s so much more to come.

Until then, tell me: what truly matters to you and how can I listen deeper?

Write to me and let me be your support.

With love,

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