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This Is What Happens If You Allow The Feminine To Guide You

This week I am celebrating my birthday and I want to take a moment to honor our connection.

Three years ago…

… just before my birthday, I met the father of my daughter and I also launched The Feminine on a global scale.

At that time, I was in the mountains, in Brașov, where I also decided to relocate during these complicated times – what a funny synchronicity, right? 🙂

Soon after, I got pregnant.

Three important things came into my life under Divine guidance, almost at the same time: my mission to impact women on a global scale, my long term relationship with the father of my daughter and my precious little baby girl.

Three years later…

… here I am, spontaneously guided back to this beautiful city (without even being aware of it). I felt inspired to relocate for an undetermined period of time, as a way to protect my family from both the virus and the collective chaos.

I find that it can also a good opportunity to take time to be out in the nature and focus my energy on nourishing The Feminine.

If you didn’t believe in synchronicity by now, and if you are still unclear about the ways of the Divine Feminine, you should think twice. My life is a testimonial. :))

Letting go of my ego and allowing myself to be guided by the Divine Feminine has brought miracles in my life.

Truly, I was in a very lonely place three years ago.

Observing the spiritual gap I had created between men and me, I thought I would never be in a relationship ever again. Let alone with someone who is spiritual, has the capacity to listen and holds interest in allowing to be fluid and molded by the feminine energy.

That was out of my imagination! But the Feminine proved me wrong. Again.

I was stuck in my old patterns with men

I thought I am superior and that authentic relationships are not in the cards for me.

Back then, I would never look at the type of man my partner is. I would label him as immature, because I could never see through my disappointment, suppressed anger, unwillingness and impatience to access my next level of growth as a woman.

Yet, the loving and firm guidance of The Feminine set me up for a big revelation. One that came into the form of a baby girl and forced me to surrender.

I had to accept my growth lessons and see my blind spots. I also had to raise above my wounds and become somebody who is actually mature enough to create a nurturing climate for all the three of us.

This mirrored a big gap inside me. But I took time to really understand my limitations and move beyond “knowing it all”, a philosophy that used to cover up the fact that I was, in reality, hurt.

Back then…

… the possibility of being a mother was a mere fantasy. Yet, my baby girl is here.

I remember it was a very late night conversation with her father when he asked me: “why are you afraid of being a mother?”
“I don’t know”, I answered.

He held me, his hand on my chest, and I cried all my fears away.

Something melted inside. I was ready. And my beautiful piece of heaven came in.

The energy allowed me to open to the mother within and, frankly, if it wasn’t for the feminine work, for practices and for the loving support of the initiated women around me I wouldn’t have been able to create a healthy and harmonious environment for my pregnancy and for my little girl.

And this is the most important thing in my life: to be able to cultivate health and stability for my child and for my family.

The feminine has guided every step of the way.

Three years ago…

… I was preparing (for quite a long time, actually) to launch my mission on a global scale, ready to face the all challenges by myself. I had no financial support, aside for the money that were coming through my work as a coach and facilitator.

Plus, I was constantly sabotaged by all my employees and contractors. But I was determined to succeed. No matter what.
That same year I met Ioana – who you all know, and we got married professionally :)). It wasn’t until I met her that I could really become able to focus and manifest this beautiful mission that I hold dear in my heart. She was my partner, and she was authentic, accountable and profound. We set the deal and we succeeded.

And here I am now…

… in the same city, at the wee small hours – the time when I like to write my newsletters for you. The house is tranquil and I can can connect with you all. I am bewildered by how deep I have been guided by the feminine energy every step of the way.

It took time, practice and a lot of willingness to surrender and open my heart to receive.

But I did not do it alone. YOU were here, along the way. All the important people in my life were here and The Feminine was here too.

To honor this, I want to celebrate me and you and take our relationship to the next level.

It’s time.
For more practice.
For surrender.
And for guidance.
For being together.

And I am happy to be able to share with you our first challenge.

My gift to you

Next week, I invite you into a 5 days challenge where you will learn how to cultivate your feminine energy to manifest everything that you desire.

I really feel, deep in my heart, that all women deserve to remember the ancient ways of the feminine. Living the feminine way, creating and manifesting their feminine potential, fully.

In the meantime, join me tomorrow for a Facebook live. I’ll walk you through my birthday ritual on how I mother myself and celebrate my femininity. Many of you asked me about how I take care of my Inner Girl, while I also cultivate my feminine energy.

So, see you here.

All my love.


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