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Actualising change the feminine way

Today, more than ever, we are experiencing change on a both micro and macro level.

Change has become the new norm and we are really asked to face, full on, some big challenges and/or opportunities.

But what does change need and how can we ride with it to our advantage?

Change requires energy

You see, the reason that we get stuck or overwhelmed is because we feel weak in the face of the enormous effort required to change or shift a given situation.

Most of the times, the circumstances that make us unhappy ask us to fight with our dear ones or to move away from somebody.

Often times, it’s not the change itself that’s hard to deal with, but what it requires.

I truly believe this is one of the reasons that we resist change so hard.

We are unaware of the amount of energy the we need to gather in order to get through the eye of the storm and come out of it not only alive, but also stronger.

So, we postpone change, hoping that we can find another way, sometime in the future.

Actualising change the feminine way

Truth is, energy is what’s missing for change to occur.

Women knew this secret and used their circles and gatherings to create a space to cultivate high vibrational energy. And they intentionally used it to bring light and love to themselves and to the people they loved.

When women gather, they create a Sacred Circle. And within this circle, life force energy – the feminine energy finds space to manifest itself.

As part of the circle, you can surrender to the energy and to the light that supports you in moving through change at the right time, in the most loving way, while also making sure that everyone involved is treated with love.

This is why the synchronicities and the miracles that occur in the circle are beyond the individual women attending it.

Here’s an example of how cultivating energy in the Sacred Circle can extend beyond us…

… and bring healing and light into our female lineage.

“Cultivating my sensuality helped me tune into my inner rhythms. I gathered the courage to state my truth and the power to show the whole world who I truly am, what I need and what I desire. Also, the sensual energy that I’ve been cultivating helped my mother (yes, that also happens!) heal her years long depression and took our relationship to a whole new level. Now, we are not only mother and daughter, but sisters and best friends.”Alexandra, make-up artist.

These miracles occur because we are unconsciously connected to each other. It is something that goes beyond our understanding.

Your pain is my pain and it can also become our pain. And when we listen sacredly to each other and give ourselves permission to step into love and light, we make room for all women to experience the same thing.

When you make a difference in your life, you actually support all women to make a difference in their lives.

And this extends to all the people that you hold dear, even if they exist outside of the Circle. That is the power of your Heart – to direct light towards your loved ones.

I am vey excited to officially announce that we are opening our first international online Sacred Circle. A place where you are welcomed to listen sacredly and get access to amplified healing energy. And that will support you to actualise change, the feminine way.

Stay tuned miracles are on the way!

With love,

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