The Feminine

Heal The Mind By Activating Your Female Body

The female mind-body connection is one of the most fascinating and intriguing things in this world.

Yet, as women, we are not used to paying enough attention to our bodies.

We are so focused on our brains, empowering the rational mind to guide us through life, so that we end up mostly unaware of the truth of our bodies.

The rational mind is fundamental, but so is the body. The relationship between them is a two way street, where the body is giving the mind the right signals.

Here’s an example.

Would you guess what I’m prescribing to my business partner, Ioana, every single time she bumps into an emotional blockage or charge? (And that happens quite often 😅).

“Close your eyes, breathe mindfully, connect with your body and tell me: where do you feel the emotion?”

Do you think she has ever responded: “in my brain”?

No, never.

The emotion is either in the heart, in the belly, in the kidneys, in the back etc.

Being disconnected from our emotions leaves us:

3 Ways To Tap Into Your Body

In my work I put a lot of focus and intention into healing the mind by being aware of and activating our bodies.

Once you move the attention to your body and simply breathe, connect with your emotions and meditate, your mind becomes informed of what you really need to address and take care of.

Once you do that, you feel…

Easier said than done?

I have your back.

To tackle the issue and help you learn how to breathe and meditate to activate the powerful connection between your body and your mind, I’ve created the “3 Ways To Tap Into Your Body” Masterclass.

It’s live, free and 100% focused on healing and pleasure.

During this Masterclass, you learn how to:

… to feel everyday joy, confidence and irresistible attractiveness.

Save your spot here.

Say YES to your body!

Can’t wait to meet you live!

In love & sisterhood,

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