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How I overcame depression and insomnia

Today I woke up at 5:30 am, realising that I should acknowledge myself for overcoming two long years of depression and insomnia without any medication – I am not against medication, but this is not the topic here.

And for this recovery I have to thank myself – for willpower and resilience and to Oana, our sisterhood and the Sacred Circle for holding space and for showing me the way.

My story goes back to a long history of bullying which I’ve been subjected to during childhood years and of emotional abuse which I’ve voluntarily subjected myself to, during my youth.

No, my case wasn’t the worst and neither was it singular.

Ghosts of an unhealed past

But what I’ve learned during my journey is that your case doesn’t have to be the worst, for you to take a stand and learn how to protect your heart and take better care of yourself.

My family was loving and caring, but somehow emotionally distant and that educated me to live in fight mode, day and night.
When I was in the 5th grade, a girl in my class cut my hair with a razor blade, telling me that I’m fat and ugly.

I was too ashamed to share the episode with anybody.

“I’m a superhero” – I whispered to myself, while walking back from school, all alone. “I will make it through.” It came out that I didn’t.

As years went by, I struggled to be cool and independent.

At a point, I turned so cool and so independent that I felt, and I’m sure that’s how many people also perceived me, an iceberg – sturdy, icy and with dangerous depths.

I chose friendships and men who would validate that I am neither ugly nor fat.

And they did.

But the truth is that I was living and breathing in the shadow of that little girl who craved for genuine love and appreciation.

And I was abusing her the same way I was abused.

Until one day, when the pain was so big that I couldn’t get out of my bed for 72 hours.

That day my healing process began.

Sisterhood, Sacred Circle and healing of the broken parts

It wasn’t easy.

No, it wasn’t.

It was the most challenging thing I did in my whole life.

And it required bravery and support.

I had both.

Why am I sharing such a personal story?

Because sharing heals us.

And because there are millions of women out there who are still afraid to speak up and billions of little girls who can’t take a stand.

They both need us.

They both need sisterhood.

And we all need a Sacred Circle.

To heal our broken parts and to be able to create our lives from a place of truth.

And that’s why we are working behind the scene, creating a membership structure that can be your precious resource, powerful anchor and Sacred Circle wherever in the world you are and no matter what kind of support you need.

Coming soon.

All love,


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