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Womb breathing ritual

Firstly, thank you so much for your wonderful feedback on the 20 minutes self-love ritual from last week.

Your engagement proves, once again, that our emotional needs make one of the hottest topics out there. And that we, women, simply love rituals.

There are many valuable resources teaching us a lot of theoretical things about our emotions and about our needs. But honestly, I believe, more and more each day, in the power of the feminine practice and ritual.

In fact, that’s one of the many reasons for which I love working with the feminine energy.

The feminine way is all about healing and integrating our emotions through breathing with the Heart and the womb and through moving our body.

Last week, I introduced you to a self-love ritual that walked you through how to breathe with your sacred Heart, in order to address the fundamental need for love.

Today, we’ll dive deeper into a womb breathing ritual, addressing our fundamental need for self-worth and respect.

Step 1: Breathe awareness

Find a comfortable place where you feel warm, safe and protected.

Lie down on the floor or sit in a lotus position. Make sure you keep your spine straight, so that the energy can easily flow up and down your body.

Start by breathing consciously and pay attention to the rhythm of your breath. Don’t force your breath into a specific rhythm. Breathe deeply and naturally, but be aware of what you are doing.

Do this for three minutes.

Step 2: Body awareness

Slowly and gently start to touch your body. Start with the palms of your hands, then touch your forearms, your shoulders, your breasts, your womb, your thighs, your legs and your feet. The aim of this step is to bring yourself into your body and turn it into a safe container. Don’t aim for a specific feeling or sensation. Just follow the curves of your body and become aware of its shape and boundaries.

Do this for three minutes, while being present to any emotion that might surface.

As you’ll see, step one and two are recurring in all our feminine practices. Their aim is to bring us into the present moment and make us aware of our body.

Step 3: Womb breathing

When you are prepared, place the palms on your womb, right below you belly button. Keep your fingers tight and imagine you are holding a small rubber ball in your hands.

Start breathing slowly and deeply with your womb, imagining how a warm and gentle stream of energy flows between your palms and your belly.

With every breath you take, imagine how a golden light expands in growing circles from your belly button throughout your whole body.

Do this for at least three minutes, but you can rest in this position for as long as you wish.

Be gentle with yourself and pay attention to any emotion surfacing up.

Your womb is the container of the sacred energy that makes you create, stand out and manifest your strongest desires and passions.

Science has proven that there are over 70,000 nerve endings in our bellies, while only 50,000 are found within the brain. In the Tao tradition, the womb is the place where our emotional issues are stored, while in the Tibetan lineage, our bellies are the centre for affection, bonding and creativity.

When we breathe with our wombs, we activate the creative energies that reignite the vitality which makes us feel seen, respected, worthy, magnetic, sensual and YES, sexy.

And this has an unparalleled power over any aspect of your life.

Your womb is the container of the sacred energy that makes you create, stand out and manifest your strongest desires and passions.

Until next week, happy womb breathing, my love! 💖

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