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Why Sharing The Challenges Of Your Femininity Is Good For You

Our last podcast on the challenges of femininity was a hit.

Your feedback make​s me happy and gives me energy to keep going.

Yet, the fact that so many wonderful women responded to a topic tackling the challenges of femininity makes me want to learn more about all the ups and downs in your life.

I want to gain as much insight as possible, so that all our future posts and programs can help you deal better with the specific problems you are struggling with.

So, yes, I want to get to know the challenges of your femininity.

And for that I wrote a blog post aimed at helping you:

Healing and empowerment begin when you open up about your story

From my own experience I know that healing and empowerment begin when we open up about our story.

When we are silent about our struggles and challenges, we empower the pain.

Once we open up and share the ups and downs we are dealing with, in a Sacred Circle, we gain power over what doesn’t seem to be working. Slowly, we enable our inner Observer (the inner part of us that’s always objective and never biased) and that helps us deconstruct whatever challenge we might have.

Your are not alone

Yet, we are not used to opening up.

We are educated to be silent about our worries and try to tackle them on our own.

“Vulnerability is weakness”—​that’s the motto of the world we live in.

What we are never told, however, is that retrieving from the world makes us feel more alone and unsupported.

Denying our vulnerability and soft parts pushes us away from our feminine side and that’s exactly where most of us need healing.

For me, the healing of my femininity started in the Sacred Circle of women, among my soul sisters who never judged me, always listened to me sacredly and supported me along my journey.

How to share the challenges of your femininity safely and authentically

Authentic sharing starts by connecting with your truth.

And the truth lies in your heart.

To know your truth, find a place where you can sit silently for a few minutes, close your eyes and descend into the Sacred Space of your Heart.

If you don’t know how to do that, we have a guided meditation created to help you with that. Get it here.

It’s always important to share from the Sacred Space of your Heart and not from the ego mind.

The ego mind is always biased and always seeks for the problem.

The Sacred Space allows you to become soft, gentle, and patient with yourself​.

It allows your heart to awaken and it gives you access to letting go of any conditioning​.

It also helps you get clear about your needs and how to fulfil them​.

The Sacred Space of the Heart is the place where you learn how to genuinely take care of yourself​.

So, once you descended into the Sacred Space, ask your Heart:

Very important—​if you feel emotional in any way, just allow whatever you feel to be. You are safe.

After you’ve connected with the truth of your Heart, leave us a comment below and tell us how do you think we can help you tackle the challenges of your femininity.

We’re always here for you in the most sacred and supportive way.​

In love & sisterhood,

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