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What makes you feel sensual?

I’m not quite sure how you are tailored, but for me the last weeks of winter are agonising.

My body longs for moist air and warm sun.

I feel the vital need to step on fresh soil and grass, and I dream (literally) of the ocean and sand.

Yes, hot baths, scented oils and candles are great. But there’s hardly anything that puts me back in touch with my femininity and sensuality than plunging into the dewy arms of Mother Nature.

To sum up, anything that’s organic (I mean, fundamentally organic, not commercially labeled as ‘organic’) triggers my senses and THAT makes me open up to feeling—deeper, more authentic and considerably more passionate. For me, that’s sensuality, the bedrock of healthy female sexuality.

Knowing what makes you feel good and owning it are the first steps to feeling sensual.

But we are all different. Each of us has her own triggers and we respond differently to various stimuli.

Therefore, I am genuinely curious to learn more about YOU.

What makes you feel sensual?

What about what makes you feel less sensual?

Is there anything that helps you feel more sensual?

If you’re intrigued, we have a poll that will help us understand you better and come up with solutions adapted to your specific needs and desires.

Also, the questions are juicy, cool and will give you tiny bits of insights into how you work. 😉​

Made you curious? Take the poll now.



Remember this—knowing what makes you feel good and owning it are the first steps to feeling sensual.

So, let’s work on that! I’m committed to staying your faithful partner along the whole journey.


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