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What are you manifesting this year?

Happy 2019!

We took a well deserved break these days and I hope you did exactly the same. Hail to seasonal self-care and well-being!

It was good, honestly, but now we’re back, looking forward to rocking even better and getting ready for a rollercoastering new year. 💗🔥 💯

Manifesting your best year yet

If you follow us for some time now, you probably know that one of the key factors to manifesting is MANIFESTING TOGETHER, woman to woman, heart to heart.

If you’re new here, well, YES—manifesting is something that we do (a lot) and we enable it by growing and nurturing The Feminine Circle.

The first step to getting into the Circle is receiving our weekly newsletters and reading them with an open heart.

The second step is committing to following your heart’s desire, by tuning into your sacred truth in the Sacred Space of your Heart. Here’s where you can learn how to do it, step by step—​the feminine way.

Choose what you’d love to manifest

And last but not least, start being specific and let’s work together on certain themes.

Which brings me to the topic du jour.

We want YOU to CHOOSE the themes that we’re gonna cover this year. What would you love to manifest in 2019 and how exactly can we serve you?

We’ve conveyed a list with various topics and here’s what you have to do.

Go here and simply vote the topic you’re most interested in.

That’s it! Simple as that.

Voting your favourite topic will help us serve you better in 2019. Vote here.

I’m so curious what you choose, love!

From my heart to your heart, 💗​

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