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Take these 5 steps and make December meaningful

The end of the year is approaching and truth be told, most of us feel either overwhelmed or disappointed.

How to avoid that ☝️ and make sure you step into 2020 strong and radiant? 💪

Here’s a hint: cultivate positivity. Learn to bring in the spotlight what happened good during past year, instead of getting stuck into what you did not accomplish.

Here’s the thing—when we focus on what we missed on, we subconsciously invalidate ourselves. This revokes the possibility of a miracle (aka. your ability to trust your power and manifest your heart’s desire).

Today, I invite you to make December meaningful. Create a bridge between what you’ve learned about your femininity in 2019 and what you want to create in 2020.

We’ll work through it following a simple and fun exercise.

You need a piece of paper or your journal and several coloured pencils.

Step 1

Write down, using a colour of your choice, 3 things that happened in 2019 that you are grateful for and that enriched your femininity.

Step 2

Pick another colour and write down the 3 most important lessons that you’ve learned in 2019, as a woman.

Step 3

Pick another colour and enumerate your 3 strongest intentions for 2020.

Step 4

Now, write down what do you think you should change in your behaviour or attitude for those three intentions to become real.

Create three powerful feminine rituals that nourish you and feed your intentions for 2020.

Step 5

And last but not least, using another colour, write down the following question: how can my Inner Girl help me with manifesting my intentions, in the following year? ✨

Your Inner Girl is the secret behind your capacity to manifest miracles. She’s the one who creates the magic, by raising bridges between now and your future self, gathering incredible resources and attracting synchronicities.

So, ask yourself: how can I nurture and mother this part within me, so that she can help me co-create the magic?

Let’s make December meaningful!

Next week, I hit your inbox with a fantastic plan that will help you navigate the holidays with ease and grace and step into 2020 the feminine way. 🌹

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In love & sisterhood,

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