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Ask And You Shall Receive: Or How I Defeated My Skepticism And Surrendered To The Love And Protection Of The Divine Feminine

One of the most important steps in manifesting the things we want the most is the realisation that we cannot do it on our own.

We need support and we need to allow that support, accept it and work with it.

Yet, my childhood relationship with the feminine taught me the opposite.

I had a selfish mother, who most of my childhood and teenage years was very focused on finding her own happiness.

She had no time to be my mother.

As a result, I felt​ emotionally orphan. I grew up with the feeling that if I want to have her close, I need to make sure she’s happy and work towards helping her in her own pursuit of happiness.

She was a beautiful independent woman and we were best friends. Yet, the mother energy was missing completely. In fact, often times I was the “mother”, taking care of things for her or on her behalf.

So, I spent my first 27 years deprived of the mother energy and longing for being seen, loved and appreciated for who I was.

I was craving for a mother who could initiate me, hold me and protect me.

Of course, all my relationships with women followed the same dynamic and I felt more and more lonely and disconnected from my femininity.

Obviously, I did not trust women, nor did I know how to connect with the feminine energy.

Whatever your own relationship with the feminine energy might be, I totally understand if you feel lonely, disconnected from real loving feminine support and very skeptical about receiving any gift that can make your dreams come true.

We have been collectively disconnected from The Feminine​; our mothers and grandmothers as well. And we all have been missing the sisterhood and the immense knowledge, love and energy of the Divine Feminine.​

Reclaiming the Feminine

Luckily, now we can reconnect and reclaim our Feminine heritage. We can come Home and re-enter the sacred circle of sisterhood (jump here to listen to our podcast on sisterhood, sacred circle and the Divine Feminine).

How do we do that?

We learn to close our eyes and look inside. The Divine Feminine talks to us in silence, through our body, sensations and emotions.

The Divine Feminine is a powerful energy and it is a guide. It can help us manifest what we want and it can be our loving protector and mother, sister and priestess along the way.

Last week, I guided you into figuring out what you want to manifest in your life, by telling the truth, letting go of what no longer serves you and move from desire to intention.

Now is time we connect with the Divine Feminine and release our intention into the universe.

For this you will need:

Follow up with listening to this guided meditation on how to connect with the Divine Feminine (see below) and let your dreams come true!

Trusting moves mountains. It pushes you through obstacles, rendering the resilience you need to stick to your intention until it becomes real.

Trusting your power, your intuition, your guides, synchronicities, the whole universe, etc. is the key to receiving.

Until next week, put yourself in a receiving mood and allow.

You can make a daily feminine ritual by repeating this mantra for the Divine Feminine every morning and evening as a way to deepen your trusting.

Finally, surrender to the love and protection of the Divine Feminine. Support your intention by trusting and allowing to receive the so long forgotten Love and energy of The Feminine.

Happy manifesting!

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