The Feminine

A journey of 1001 love stories

I want to share with you something personal.

My path towards fulfilling femininity wasn’t always easy and clear. I struggled with a traumatic relationship with my mother. For a big chunk of my life, I really felt that I wasn’t loved, seen or touched with loving presence by her, by life in itself. This extended to my relationship with men. There was always a barrier that prevented me from going deeper and fulfil my unsatisfied hunger for love. It also stopped me from blossoming into full womanhood.

As anybody hungry and determined as I was, it came natural to try anything for the right cure and most of my journey was a relentless mix of spiritual experiences and hardcore intensive retreats and all the herbs and plants in the world :). And while I really know these processes are helpful and sometimes miraculous…

The blossoming of my womanhood came from my untapped sensuality.

It was during one of my initiations in the Indonesian jungle, where I spent a month practicing feminine rituals, that my sensuality unveiled.

It came as a surprise on the path of being a fully orgasmic woman, like all of us deserve. And yet, it did not bring orgasms. :)))

Not being loved by my mother left me pretty unclear about how to love myself, how to listen and tune in with myself. I was tired of loving and not being loved, of caring and feeding everything around me, while I was left untouched and not taken care of.

I was fully immersed in working with my feminine energy and, all of the sudden, my sensual self blossomed. It was such a revelation, I was finally truly feeling my body. I felt at ease and connected to my inner beauty. I could relax into life and felt loved, enveloped and enraptured. I was seeing life from a different perspective.

Once activated, my sensual self taught me how to respect myself

It guided me into loving myself and touching both my body and my soul, without any expectations from the outside and, thus, melted my hunger.

It gave me the patience to listen and care for my little inner girl as long as she needed and tame my passion and my fire, to get to know the real woman inside.

Most of us have so much feminine energy repressed and we fear it. We fear the power, its unconventional approach, its magnificence. For The Feminine to be present, we have to let go of our petty stories that can take a toll on any girl. 🙂

My sensuality taught me to feel my inner beauty to the core and shifted my relationship with men for-e-ver

I am clear about who I am and this inner confidence secures any man I would say ‘yes‘ to. It does not promise marriage or ‘happily ever after’. But my sensuality truly gives me access to feeling deep intimacy and love and to be loved fully by a man.

It changed my views around what I need and want from men and it made them fall in love with me so deeply that I became “the one” to take them deeper into love.

When I created platform I really took the time to think what program should I start facilitating. And while there is more to come, I decided that Sensuality Masterclass would be the first. Why?

Because we never take the space and the time to really cultivate our inner beauty. We never have the time to experience practices and rituals that stop our stressed life and catapult us beyond time, into Scheherazade’s 1001 Nights stories.

We never prioritise the more subtle development of our womanhood. And yet, the magnificent goddess in you requires time, adoration and attention.

Sensuality Masterclass is all that—a deep and profound shift on the path to your femininity

We discover how to:

We naturally tap into our charisma and draw the masculine closer in a fulfilling way. And so much more…

Really, the process that I designed for you gives you access to this beautiful gem that sensuality is.

It works and it facilitates you the access to a profound experience of your femininity.

So, on Valentine’s day, offer this gift to yourself and to your loved one. Begin a journey of 1001 love stories, just like Scheherazade. 🙂 The Sensuality Masterclass is available here.

With love,

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