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3 Sensual Goddess Rituals To Try This Summer

It’s been one year since I became a mother and life’s been hectic ever since.

With all the wonders of motherhood, I’ve experienced, first hand, how challenging it can be to feel feminine, while multitasking 24/7.

But what I’ve learned during my years of working with the feminine energy is this: practice makes perfect.

There’s nothing in this world more efficient and powerful in connecting you with the goddess within like the feminine rituals.

Ten minutes a day of feminine practice can completely transform your life.

So, if you’re a young mother, a busy working girl or if the past year has been challenging in any way, use the summer vibes to refresh and renew.

Give yourself permission to tap into your natural right to feel sensual and ecstatic.

I’ve handpicked for you 3 of my absolute favourite goddess rituals that you can do anytime and anywhere.

I promise, they’re simple and they make a big difference.

1. Go naked​​ like a goddess

Most of us are shy about our bodies, let’s face it. But I tell you this: there’s nothing more sensual than a woman’s naked body. Therefore, learning how to love our bodies should become the bedrock of transformation, the feminine way.

The first step to that is this simple ritual.

This practice should be done in complete darkness.

Find a comfortable place where you feel 100% safe.

Lay down on the floor, on a blanket or a mattress, completely naked.

Be aware of your body and feel how it touches the floor underneath. Keep your eyes closed and breathe normally.

Learning how to love your body should become the bedrock of transformation, the feminine way

After a few minutes, with your eyes either closed or open, place your hands on your womb, right bellow your belly button and take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. Focus on how your womb is expanding with each breath you take.

Keep doing this for 5 to 10 minutes or as long as you wish.

Breathe slowly. Feel the shape of your body and pay attention to any emotion surfacing up. If you feel tension in specific areas of your body, that’s normal. Let it be and keep going.

2. Touch yourself for healing

You can do this practice independently or as a follow up of the first one.

Lay down on the floor or on a bed – if you don’t feel comfortable going full naked from day 1, you can do this exercise wearing delicate garments, with feminine textures, like silk or cashmere – and breathe deeply from your belly.

Take a few minutes and allow your body to relax.

Whenever you are ready, start touching your body using either the palm of your hand or just your index and middle finger.

Touch heals, activates your senses and the feminine energy.

The key to this practice is to keep the touch completely neutral.

The intention is not to stir up emotions and passions, but to observe your body and activate the feminine energy embedded in your flesh.

3. Chant and dance under the Moonlight

We all love New Moons and Full Moons, ain’t that so? There’s just a special connection between us and the Moon and the synchronicities occurring around New Moons and Full Moons can be mind-blowing.

That’s why, since ancient times, women used the phases of the Moon to create special rituals that activate and stir up the feminine energy. Chanting, howling at the Moon and dancing are such practices.

So, around each New Moon and Full Moon make a ritual from howling and dancing like nobody’s watching. If you are not yet comfortable to howl, simply chant. Choose whatever tune you prefer and go wild!

We love this song.

This ritual can be even more powerful when done in nature, under the night sky, along with your soul sisters.

I recommend doing these practices, altogether or separately, for at least 21 days.

And if you wish to go full on, you can add to each of them our Sacred Space meditation. The Sacred Space is a powerful meditation that strengthens your spiritual connection with your heart. When you dive deep into the space of your Sacred Heart you connect with your authentic truth and activate the feminine energy. All you have to do is play the audio guided meditation and follow my guidance.​

Get the Sacred Space meditation here.

Now, I want to hear from you! Do you already have a favourite feminine practice that makes you feel like a goddess? Share it with us in the comments below.

All love,

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