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My secret to pleasure

Have you ever thought that what makes you feel “bad’ (hello, mood swings, etc.) can also become the epicentre of pleasure?

I always love to tell this story.

Few years ago, while in a women’s retreat, I was struggling with an immense pelvic pain in my body. It was so bad that I had to leave the room.

A sensitive woman, whom I’ve met during that retreat and who was also a healer, joined me to hold space. Together, we started breathing with my pain. And we breathed and breathed, consciously, for a good couple of minutes until something miraculously happened. The pain had a voice. As I was moved into sounding my pain, I was taken inside my body and the whole process became a meditation.

Once I was inside, the density of that acute pain started to lose its strength. I was literally feeling how it dissipates until it suddenly changed its charge from negative to positive. I started to feel pleasure in the exact same spot where, only few moments ago, I felt pain.

We continued to breathe until that small ball of tingling pleasure turned into a sun of pleasure that exploded into trillions of particles that overwhelmed my body with a sense of ecstatic energy.

I am aware of the fact that it might sound miraculous

But trust me, it was real.

As women, we were born with the innate capacity to feel ecstatic pleasure.

All you have to do is open up to your senses and surrender to the moment the way it is (and, yes, a bit of practice, too 🏋️‍♀️).

But here’s a secret. Out there, you have the most devoted ally: nature.

Yes, nature is the best milieu through which we can, powerfully and gracefully, shift how we feel.

Here’s a video that takes you step by step through how going out in nature and consciously breathing can help you surrender to your senses, tap into the feeling of ecstatic perception, and eventually change “feeling bad” into “feeling good”.

You might not be able to release physical pain from the very first day. But keep on breathing consciously, keep doing the practice. Start small and the process will pay off. Soon, my secret to pleasure will become your secret to pleasure.

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With love & grace,

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