The Feminine

The Sacred Circle Ritual

Have you tried any of the feminine rituals that I’ve shared with you, in the past two weeks?

Here’s why I’m asking you this.

Today, we are going to bring the Heart Ritual and the Womb Ritual together and learn a third powerful feminine practice that will directly teach you how to connect with Divine Feminine and thus expand the Sacred Circle of Sisterhood.

Why is it the Sacred Circle Ritual so powerful and precious?

Because it is the mere expression of what I’ve directly learned from over 5,000 women that I’ve worked with.

That is, when we breathe together, in the Sacred Circle, with our hearts and wombs, we access our wisdom and increase our intuition.

When we breathe in sweet solitude, following either the Heart Ritual or the Womb Ritual, we heal wounds or blockages that might be related to our fundamental needs for love and self-worth.​

But when we breathe with BOTH our hearts and wombs, in the Sacred Circle of Sisterhood, there’s pure magic happening.

Surprising answers pop up and manifestation immediately follows.

The Sacred Circle Ritual is an amazing transformative experience that changes the way you relate to yourself, to women, and to the Divine Feminine, above all.

I’ve learned this from my own journey and I’ve seen it happening in the lives of so many women whom I’ve worked with.

The gifts of womanhood unfold when we are together and nourish each other.

Being alone and disconnected from the Circle can make your life harder than it should ever be.

I felt the pain of not being able to connect in a healthy or fulfilling way with the women in my life. And this can be a very hard to heal wound, though necessary for your blossoming as a woman and for the manifestation of your dreams and desires.

The ritual I’m introducing today is a total game changer.

So, let’s proceed.

Step 1: Set an intention for this ritual

Before you start the ritual, think of an important question or persistent dilemma. A choice that you have to make or simply connect with an area of your life (intimate, personal, social or professional) that needs a total make over.

Write it down on a piece of paper.

Step 2: Breath awareness

Find a comfortable place where you feel warm and protected. Lie down on the floor or sit in a lotus position. Make sure you keep your spine straight, so that the energy can easily flow up and down your body. Start by breathing consciously and pay attention to the rhythm of your breath.

Don’t force your breath into a specific rhythm. Breathe deeply and naturally, but be aware of what you are doing.​

Step 3: Body awareness

Slowly and gently start to touch your body. Start with the palms of your hands, then touch your forearms, your shoulders, your breasts, your womb, your thighs, your legs and your feet. The aim of this step is to bring yourself into your body and remind you that it is a safe container.

Don’t aim for a specific sensation. Just follow the curves of your body and become aware of its shape and boundaries.

Do this for three minutes, while remaining aware of any emotion that might surface.

Steps two and three correspond to steps one and two, from our previous practices. The breath awareness and the body awareness are aimed to bring you into the present moment and make you aware of your body.​

Step 4: Breathe with your Heart

When you start to feel the shape and edges of your body, place your hands on your chest and pay attention to the beats of your heart. Breathe with your heart, following the rhythms of her beats.

Do this for three minutes.​

Step 5: Breathe with your Womb

When you feel ready, place the palms on your womb, right below you belly button.

Keep your fingers tight and imagine you are holding a small rubber ball in your hands.

Start breathing slowly and deeply with your womb, imagining how a warm and gentle stream of energy flows between your palms and your belly.

With every breath you take, imagine how a golden light expands in growing circles, from your belly button throughout your whole body.

Do this for at least three minutes.

Step 6: Breathe with your Heart AND your Womb

Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your womb, right below you belly button. Keep your fingers tight, but relaxed.

Breathe slowly and deeply with your heart and womb, imagining how a warm and gentle stream of energy flows between your palms, your heart and your belly, in a circle of golden light.

With every breath you take, imagine how this circle of light ripples through your whole body.

You should do this part for at least three minutes, but you can rest in the same position for as long as you feel. Be gentle with yourself and pay attention to any emotion surfacing up.​

Step 7: Call forth the Divine Feminine​

When you feel ready, while breathing with your heart and womb, call forth the Divine Feminine and ask Her to bring up and nourish the energy that you need most, right now or the energy that you need to support the answer that you are looking for.

Next, you may feel inspired to connect with a particular Goddess, like for instance Kwan Yin​ or with Virgin Mary or even with Mother Earth.

If nothing comes up, just imagine what type of feminine energy you need at this moment of your life. Visualise it as either a Goddess, a pure emotion or a colour. Anything will work, because you have already called forth the Divine Feminine and She is here with you.

Through practice, this connection will become more palpable and more clear.

Let the Divine Feminine support you in becoming the woman you admire the most.

The intention of this Sacred Circle Ritual is to heal your fundamental need for belonging.

Let the Divine Feminine support your healing and back you up in becoming the woman you admire the most.

I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did.

And I pray that these feminine practices will bring to your daily routine the feminine touch that will inspire you to create the life of your dreams.

Love always,

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