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How I Learned To Forgive Myself

Since we’ve started the feminine practices, two weeks ago, things must have shifted, either unconsciously or right in your face.

If you are new to the conversation, here’s a bit of context.—During the last two weeks, I have been sharing my process of reconstructing my whole life, coming into full work mode after maternity leave. Read the full story here and join us this autumn in making your dreams come true.

Our intentions are powerful when met with honesty and released into the Universe.

Additionally, last week, with the New Moon happening on Saturday, our intentions took off, in the loving presence of the Divine Feminine.

Yet, this specific week is precious.

Regardless of where you are (either nothing happened or everything shifted), know this:

How I Learned To Forgive Myself

Apparently not much has happened in my case, but I have noticed that I am talking differently.

I have started conversations and ended them abruptly, changing gears from answering into addressing questions and challenges.

This was obvious at work, when I shockingly told one of my partners: “I want to stop working for everybody, I want the whole team to serve me”.

I was shocked, freed up and empowered at the same time.

Up next, I became really straightforward with my partner about his resistance and I ended up having a clear answer about what he wants or doesn’t want and what he will and won’t do in our relationship.

I realised that I have been unconsciously slipping away from including me and respecting me in all that I do. Instead, I was serving everyone and compensating for people’s lack of performance. This had thrown me in a downward spiral, where I turned into the Cinderella of my own life. Big AHA and a slap in the face!

So, the question is: how do YOU forgive yourself and take your power back?

The secret is your Inner Girl

For me, the golden practice is turning inwards and connecting with my Inner Girl.

Our Inner Girls hold the secret to what we need, on an emotional level, and to what we ought to heal and address so that we can make our dreams come true.

This intimate aspect of our psyche either blocks our development or supports our manifestation.


We manifest through the support of our Inner Girl.

She is the holder of magic attracting and manifesting synchronicities and engaging the support of the whole Universe. Our Inner Girl is translating the Divine support into awareness, helping us make sense of everything. Also, she is THAT aspect of us which has been wounded, betrayed or abandoned in previous chapters of our lives. Therefore, she may slip easily into feeling unworthy and unloved, just when we want to create the opposite.

So, imagine me wanting to lead and create my life as a majestic, radiant Queen, while feeling and acting like Cinderella.

And no, my story has nothing to do with being saved by Prince Charming.

On the contrary, mine is a story of self respect and self love more than it is a story of being saved by a man. Self respect and self love are my Prince Charming. :))).

Therefore, how do you engage and empower your Inner Girl, so that she can gently open up and support your intention, this autumn?

By lovingly connecting with her and understanding her needs. These are your emotional needs and now it’s the perfect time to see and address them.

Here’s how to connect with you Inner Girl

Follow this simple guided exercise and connect with your Inner Girl now.

Your Inner Girl leads you into self forgiveness, opening you up to new levels of self worth and self love.

Give yourself permission to heal and grow beyond your past story.

After you finish the exercise, another good way to strengthen her support in your manifestation is to do a feminine ritual where you spend time with her, by calling her into your mind and heart.

Use the playlist below to draw her into your loving awareness and invite her into your heart space. Play with her, draw, sing, dance or see an animated movie that you love.

Remember, what feels like a blockage in the way of your manifestation process is just your Inner Girl not knowing and not feeling how to move beyond her limiting experience.

You can also help her to let go of the wounds and the pain by simply repeating this healing mantra.

And if you want to take your practice to the next level, consider joining the Four Pillars Of Femininity wish list and really give yourself the support system and coaching to experience a big shift in your life.

You are worthy and, remember, you are loved!

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