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How to manage a crisis, the feminine way

It’s 8 AM in Bucharest when I’m writing this. I’ve been awake since 6 AM, but could’t find the strength to get out of bed. My body said NO.

‘Twas intense during the past weeks, both professionally and personally.

YES, I was starting to detect the contours of the “take it easy” sign rising up. 🛑✋

Did I act accordingly? Bloody NO. Again.

On the contrary, I worked my ass off 8-10 hours a day. My knees hurt, because I did’t get up from my desk hours in a row. My fingers ached, because I’m writing something all the time. My eyes burnt, because I’m staring at a this blue screen from 7 AM to 7 PM. My brain froze, ’cause there’s no God given day when I’m not forced to do something completely out of my comfort zone. My skin is pale because the wind, the sun, the rain or the air did’t touch it in months.

Therefore, here I am, lying in my bed, making an effort not to swallow too many painkillers.

YET, instead of complaining, this time I’m committed to ask myself the right questions and do the right thing.

My go-to questions and actions on how to manage a crisis, the feminine way.

Why am I saying YES to the point of burning me out?

Why don’t I listen to my body BEFORE it breaks down?

WHAT am I not seeing?

And lastly, HOW can I change the pattern and what’s the best way to deal with triggers?

As for the right thing, here’s something that I’ve learned the hard way: ASK FOR HELP. Always. When you try to manage a crisis, you are practically glued to your blind spot which makes it virtually impossible to take the right action.

Therefore, I’ve opened up and asked Oana how should I manage a crisis, the feminine way, specifically.

The body simply knows.

“Letting go of pressure and adrenaline is one of the hardest and one of most challenging leaps of faith the feminine asks for. And you, my dear, are particularly addicted to adrenaline.” (n.r. true).

“So much of who we are is built around what we have to deliver. The need to “do” is deeply embedded in our womanly nature. To give and nurture—this is who we are.

Any crisis is a sign that you are not taking good care of yourself.

Any crisis is a sign that you are not taking good care of yourself. But how can we, when there is so much to attend to?” (n.r. ohhh, that voice that starts muttering in the middle of the night.)

“But the inner echo asking us to nurture is exactly what suppresses the inner rhythms of our body. The body simply knows.

Also, the body is the vehicle through which we manifest. When we honour its limits, we allow ourselves to tap into the feminine power. It teaches us how to love ourselves, how to tune in with the rhythms of manifestation and how to both respect ourselves and nurture others. Yes, this is doable. But it happens only when we let go of the mind and stop identifying ourselves as being valuable only if we can manage everything.” (n.r. I hear you, sister).

Change never comes easy and the only way out is through.

Let’s face it.

Once in a while, we all go through a crisis. Especially when we have already said YES to growth and transformation.

Change never comes easy and they say the only way out is through.

Nonetheless, managing the “through” is key.

And fairly speaking, not all of us have the luxury to put our lives, families and jobs on hold and fly to Bali to find peace in the jungle.

That’s why developing the skills and the know how to manage a crisis is absolutely fundamental, IF we want to successfully adapt the glorious self-care to the realities of a modern urban life.

Allowing the feminine to be present, listening to her whispers and trusting her guidance is the best possible way to manage a crisis—especially when your body is shutting down due to fatigue and anxiety.

Until next, happy feminine way!

Love and grace,


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