The Feminine

Play To Light Your Sensual Fire

How important are play and feeling safe to play in activating your sensual fire and stepping into your empowered sexuality?

Being vulnerable can feel very dangerous, unless we understand how to connect with our bodies and sensuality, in a conscious way.

But to awaken our sensual fire and reclaim our ecstatic nature, we need to open up to vulnerability.

When we create a safe context to connect with our bodies, we descend into a mind-blowing and truly ecstatic universe.

There is so much fire and passion in our bellies and we fear just that! The power, the rawness, the wild untameable expression of that.

It is in meeting our fire with an open heart, that we step into our true feminine power.

Our feminine energy is fire, life force energy and it is unpredictable, mysterious, but also profound and wise.

Before opening up to a man, we need to open to Shakti, the wild primordial sexual fire.

How we do that?

Let’s practice!

This is the only way to actually experience Shakti.

Please, follow the steps below.

The best way to access my instructions is to join our private Sacred Circle Facebook group.

Join the Sacred Circle Facebook group here.

Answer to the very short three questions you are asked when you request to join.

Watch the video entitled “How to cultivate your sensuality 🔥”

Enjoy deeply! 💃

Then, use the playlist that I created for you and start the practice.

To our awakened sensual fire!

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