The Feminine

How To Embody The Feminine Energy

The next step after releasing the limiting beliefs and learning how to trust and nurture your desires is to embody the feminine way.

What does that mean?

When I first embarked on my feminine journey, I was confused about my energy, as a woman.

I had a fire inside which I had labelled in my head as “perverted” and “slutty” and was too afraid to look at this passion for fear that I would turn into something negative.

I didn’t have any context or frame reference for my innate energy

Yet, most of the times, I was feeling like a ticking bomb.

The bomb was close to being set off and I feared I would destroy everything around me. That created a deep inner conflict—I felt suppressed and misunderstood and I was (of course) blaming my partner for this experience.

But the issue was bigger. It was connected to the man next to me at the same extent as it was connected to the masculine over pervasive context of society, as a whole.

Yes, you heard me right. I was suffocated by the collective set of beliefs and misconceptions about the role a woman should play in her life. And I had not the vision nor the courage to break through from this conditioning.

I was afraid I would loose everything and still not free myself up. So, I was stuck in the middle, pinned down by my fear and disorientated about what to do next.

If that sounds familiar, hear me out.

There is a way for you to be yourself and also have everything you want and hold dear in life.

Understanding how the feminine energy works

And the first step to creating this reality is deepening your connection with the Divine Feminine and understanding how the feminine energy works.

The Feminine principle is a paradox, organic and raw and takes no bullshit in.

So, it is actually your guide to being brave and authentic.

The Feminine connects you with your power. It also gracefully teaches you how to own your power and create life from this state of being.

Really, when you own your power, everything folds together. And yes, the path to owning your power may include: rage and mistrust, pain and sorrow, healing and forgiveness, humbleness and curiosity, bravery and assertiveness.

But you are ready and so am I.

And we are together! Which makes this path unique, beautiful and precious.

Are you ready to embody the Woman?

The woman inside awaits for your permission to let her guide you into the reality that you want to manifest!

She will slowly guide you towards taking full responsibility for what you experience. She will also show you that all those unmet places inside, that longing to be seen by a man, CAN be nourished by yourself. Yes, you can mother yourself and you can bring yourself back into wholeness.

You don’t have to wait forever and ever to be loved and cherished the way you deserve. You CAN learn to generate all that by yourself. In fact, activating the Mother energy inside will raise your vibration and open you up to experiences that were not possible before (men included)!

Then, the wild side shows you how to feel unapologetically ecstatic. It fills up those empty spaces where boredom and insecurity usually creep in. So, you can take your time and stand by your assertiveness and decisiveness.

Generally, we compromise our truth and don’t stand for ourselves, because we don’t know how to fill the gap of loneliness. But the Wild Woman shows you how to have so much fun and feel so much pleasure with yourself, until you are able to go all the way through with being yourself and creating your life.

Then, the Wise Woman inside will show up to love you and guide you, each step of the way. She teaches you what to do next, what to address and what is truly missing. If you pay attention, you can own your becoming in a powerful and conscious way.

These three instances will protect the vulnerable, sensitive and pure inner feminine which is the Virgin inside. When we tap into our compassionate vulnerable self, feeling secured and protected, we release into the world our full feminine fragrance, creating a shower of blessings, light and beauty dropping over us and those around.

Guided exercise: how to connect with the feminine energy

Now, I invite you into the following guided exercise. Connect with an area of life that is important to you. Give permission to the Woman inside to show you a different perspective and guide you into a transformation.

Click below for your initiation.

🎧 For a more intimate experience, we recommend using headphones while doing this exercise.

And if you want to go deeper and know yourself in the multifaceted aspects of the Goddess, stay tuned! Soon, we open The Four Pillars Of Femininity online program. I will guide you into stepping into our full power and owning all facets of the magnificent woman that you are, so put yourself on the wish list now!

Love, always,

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