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I feel like a mess. Here's how I plan to change this

I don’t know about you, but for me, autumn is a time for change and renewal. I feel the need to stop and reflect at where I am and what’s next.

Coming into full work mode after maternity leave has been a mess. 😅

Yes, to tell you the truth, I feel everything has radically changed and I need a full reconstruction in all areas of my life.

My pretty well established life as an independent wild woman (haha, this sounds very funny even to me) has died and I have not tracked down yet the new me. The upgraded version of me. 🤷‍♀️

Motherhood is amazing and yes, I feel for my little girl a love so complete and so utterly flawless that I’m crying often for this blessing that I got to receive from the universe.

A blessing especially because I was told that I might not be able to have kids in this lifetime. My little girl is a miracle indeed, but that’s a story for another time.

Yet, although this blessing is the most important experience I had in years…

As a woman I often feel torn apart, a mess, being pulled in all directions, without any capacity to focus.

If you’re a mother, I guess it will sound familiar.

So, this autumn, I said to myself: Oana, it’s time to bring your superpower to action!

It’s time you set the Divine Feminine in motion, hold a spirited meeting with the Feminine guides and renew your life from scratch!

And this is my plan. I will ignite a rite of passage for the upcoming year and reconstruct myself, as a mother, my relationship with my partner and my business.

And I want you to be part of my journey!

I don’t take your presence here for granted and I want us to connect more in depth. So, I will be sharing my ups and downs and hope this will support you, as well.

Though, I’m not going to share just about me. I will also use my process to guide you into your own process. Because frankly, good novels are nice, but real life is f…g awesome. 💥

My commitment is for you to be living your most daring and amazing life and Be the woman You admire the most.

Here’s how I started working on my reconstruction, the feminine way.

1. I took some time to connect with my Heart and hear the truth about what’s going on.

Right now, I am in the process of clinging to the idea that the wild independent woman can still have some solutions for the newly mother and the newly committed partner. Obviously I am failing.

2. Connect with my emotions and admit how I feel…

…without the desire to change, fix or deal with my feelings.

I feel lost, crying for my well-established persona (our ego is soooooo present, right?), scattered and powerless. The funny thing is that I don’t feel insecure. Actually, motherhood fixed my insecurity for good.

I can’t pull myself together, but I am confident. Haha, nice paradox!

3. Get clear about what I really want to change.

No compromising, even if I don’t see how I will pull this one through.

I want to be the woman I admire the most! I want to experience radiance and power. Have a thriving business, while I spend quality time with my baby. Have a partner that supports me and has found his power as a man (that is his goal and he is in the process, but right now we are under construction and I am not very patient or loving, that’s the truth!). Have a family environment that is a reflection of my work and vision for the world. I want to live what I preach to others. No compromise!

4. Put what I want in an intention.

I mean move from desire and fantasy into THIS is what I want to manifest and I am putting everything at stake for it, regardless of how it looks like on the court and how I feel about it.

Now, it’s your turn! Are you ready to join me in an epic transformation this autumn?

Let’s do this!

Because, sister, it’s much more fun to live the life you desire than to be unsatisfied about what doesn’t work in your current life.

Sign up here, get my free mini course and become an insider.

Not only will you get access to how start your feminine journey and be your radiant beauty, but also receive constant guidance on how to connect with your intention for an area of your life (or your whole life) where you want to manifest epic change the feminine way.

Really, I want to thank you for being here, for being in this Circle and for connecting with the Divine Feminine together. It is an honour!

In love and sisterhood,

P.S. Stay tuned and please don’t miss this! Next week, I walk you trough how to have the spirited meeting with the Divine Feminine and get the support of the Universe to manifesting the life you love the most!

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