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Few weeks ago, I wrote asking what would you like to learn more about in 2019.

More than 25% of you picked Divine Gifts & Career, while another 25% opted for Feminine Daily Practice.

Let’s be honest. Simply put it, this means you want a healthier, happier and more empowered life. We all do.

Because career IS, in fact, a significant part of our life.

Today, I want to address ​this specific issue and I’m also disclosing a huge life and career changing opportunity.

Here’s what I mean.

After ten blasting years of leadership coaching career, I suddenly stopped.

Existential questions and doubts started to circle around my head.

Is this for me?

Do I love it?

And if yes, why am I unhappy?

Deep in my soul, I knew that I immensely loved my trade. I also knew I was very good at it.

Then, why do I feel so heavy?

Why do I feel I’m not in the right place?

What is this feeling of NOT belonging trying to tell me?

I started to investigate this paradox and really tried to figure out what was going on.

Is this feeling familiar to you?

After many months of soul searching, I finally realised I was sailing in the wrong direction.

I was trying to find the right answers outside, when in fact I should have been looking inside.

So, instead of asking other people for solutions, I asked my Heart: What do you need? What is your truth? What makes you feel complete?

It was then when I realised that my Heart needed more softness and warmth; she needed compassion to spice up her impressive power and strength. My heart was tired because I wasn’t tuning in with her inner rhythms. She didn’t feel complete because I was pushing limits and crushing boundaries, instead of nurturing her divine gifts and respecting her limits.

My heart is a WOMAN and I was living the life of a man.

I had absolutely no clue what to do next.

So, I stopped and listen to Her. She initiated me on a feminine path, connecting me with my Soul’s calling and gifts. It was truly surrendering to my Heart’s path how I discovered what I was meant to offer to the world. The essence, the vision, the mission came from Her.

This is how The Feminine mission started and this is why I dedicated my entire career to creating feminine practices and rituals that would empower any woman to find the right answers and hear her true calling.

Are you also in a place where you lack direction?

Or simply the courage to fight all the way through?

Are you dealing with no-sayers and social disproval or even think you’ve taken the world on your shoulders?

Do you feel ready to follow your Heart’s calling, no matter what?

Are you open to bringing your greatness to the game of life?

Then, your Heart is your guide and our Sacred Space meditation the ritual to start listening to your guide.

We all need guidance and we need a safe space to listen to the truth and the obvious. Yet, not all of us feel safe to ask for help.

I come to your rescue.

Diving into the Sacred Space of the Heart is you tuning into you and accessing the wise, soul infused part of who you are, and receive the best guidance you can get. You know the road to your own happy formula and what to do next. You just haven’t been fully listening.

This not only a soul soothing practice that has the power to dissipate anxiety, fogginess and mental limitations, but it also tunes you in with your feminine intuition and holds the keys to your inner universe—the place where your personal truths, gifts and wisdom hide.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Sacred Space meditation as your strongest feminine practice.

And I’ve made sure that the price of the whole Sacred Space online course stays low. Always. As a contribution to your growth.


For only 19 USD you get unlimited time access to:

I LOVE this meditation so much! Every single time I have to take an important decision (personal and professional), get rid of mental blocks or simply tune into a more feminine frequency, I turn to the Sacred Space of the Heart Meditation. It is my evergreen go to space!

Stop trying and start living the healthy, happy and empowered life you deserve!

This program is your asset.

I cherish your journey,

p.s. Got questions about how this could actually work? Write us. Drop your question bellow and we’ll come back to you with a tailor made answer. 💕

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