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The Feminine Guide To Open Relationships

Seems that our #Uncut episode wrapped around the topic of “cheating” stirred up the women (and men) in our community, who challenged us with another tough one: what about open relationships?

Why tough? Because “open relationship” is a beautiful concept, but… does it really work?

Yes, exceptions can exist. But what I’ve learned from my coaching experience is that those are rare.

So, what is an open relationship?

What are the DOs and what are the DONT’s?

What does it take to be able to engage in an open relationship?

And last but not least, what’s the difference between an open relationship and cheating aka. infidelity?

These are all questions we try to answer in Ep. 24 of The Feminine #Uncut Podcast. 👇

Hit play and get ready for an honest and empowering conversation about you, him, her or any other possibility in between.

Here are some take-it-with-you highlights

The whole paradigm of “open relationships” steamed from the fact that we, as species, are polyamorous. This is a premise that we can look at, of course, but rather from an anthropological perspective.

We are decidedly sexual animals who basically seek to reproduce.

But are we really just that? No. We are also emotional and deeply spiritual beings.

And this is where the conversation gets more complicated.

It takes a lot of maturity, on everybody’s side, to be able to experience an open relationship from a place of fulfilment (for all those involved), both emotionally and sexually.

Fact is that, most of the time, at least one person involved in the triad is NOT okay, experiences jealousy, rejection, manipulation, unworthiness, etc.

Keen to make it work?

Here is The Feminine guide to open relationships:

  1. Know your limits;
  2. Be honest with yourself;
  3. Be honest with all those involved;
  4. No hidden agendas.

Now, head over, listen to the whole episode☝️ and let us know: what do you feel about open relationships? Are they a pipe dream or not? Can they really work? And if the answer is “yes”, what are the rules of engagement? Drop your comments below. I’m excited! 👏👏👏


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