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Why you should give yourself permission to be angry

Ioana here, starting with a confession: I am in rage. Furious to cellular level; feeling how a sand storm of anger is whirling up and down my spine, vertebra by vertebra.

Have you ever felt that? Like passionately angry? Desiring to smash the whole world into a gazillion tiny particles?

As I am writing this letter to you, I am sitting at my desk, breathing, trying to calm down integrate this bold raw emotion that seized my whole body.

Surely, during my entire life (as a child, teenager and young adult), I’ve received, mas o menos, the same feedback on anger: NOT GOOD.

Being angry is neither social, nor cool or ladylike.

The long history of violence that divided people and nations outlawed our human right to be angry. And even worse, it transformed anger into a taboo.

Not only are we taught that primal screams are bad, but also flagged ‘crazy’ if we, somehow, dare to express ourselves and our feelings.

Yet, the worst thing is this: stigmatising anger disables us to make the critical difference between ‘good anger’ (life force energy) and ‘bad anger’ (violence directed towards other people, etc.).

One of the most valuable lessons that The Feminine principle ever taught me is the ability to distinguish between ‘good anger’ and ‘bad anger’ (thank you, Oana).

Connecting with Shakti (one of the most important goddesses in the Hindu pantheon that represents the universal feminine energy) and with her Kali aspect guided me through tapping into The Feminine gift of creating from flames and dust.

There’s an immense difference between smashing doors and creating tantrums and diving into the Sacred Space of your heart, connecting with the source of your anger and letting it alchemise into whatever asks to be released or transformed.

Am I being abstract here? 😅

Maybe I should let Oana explain: 👇 👇 👇

“Most of the times, deep raw primitive anger is a sign of Shakti’s power. When you start working with Shakti, She can throw at you blows of anger. It feels and looks like this because She has a raw, volcanic energy that meets your psyche in a clash.

Why? Probably because your psyche is not used to such level of power. And you don’t know how to own and contain it.

Anger can be a sign of power. YOUR TRUE FEMININE POWER coming up, surfacing with no excuses and no limits, trying to tell you: ‘Hey, I’m here. See me, own me, be the woman you are meant to be! Shake off the story you’ve been carrying around. Don’t be afraid.’ And if you accept and surrender to it, you will become more powerful. That’s the journey, love.

Now, are you wondering how can you alchemise anger or any other kind of raw emotion?

Well, by bringing it INTO your body and allowing it to be part of who you are. Feel it. Touch it. Go to the Sacred Space of your Heart and just BREATHE with it, showing deep compassion and undisputed respect. If you don’t back down and surrender to the emotion, as raw as it might be, it will shift into something else, more grand. It will get refined and will end up alchemising whatever truth your Heart carries within.”

So, whatever this Full Moon, Eclipse, Blue Monday, lack of sun, cold weather, 🙄 etc. triggered in you, let it be. Give yourself permission. Dive into the Sacred Space of your Heart, breathe with whatever you are feeling, and come back 10x stronger and more sensual.

In the meantime, I stand with the question: how can I transform anger into passion and love? 🤔

In sacred sisterhood,


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