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​Our Feminine Summer Ritual—You’re invited

​How’s your summer warming up? ☀️

Here, at The Feminine, we decided to make this summer as feminine as possible. 💃​

And no, this doesn’t only mean saying YES to softening down and opening up to more sensuality and passion in our lives. Even though these are indeed part of the process.

“As feminine as possible” also means growing roots, manifesting with intention, and expanding the Sacred Circle of women.

We have rituals for all these and YES we want to YOU to join us and make YOUR summer as feminine as possible, as well.

Specifically, we recently decided to expand, open up and bring more sisters into our private Sacred Circle.

If you’re wondering, the Sacred Circle is a private Facebook group, dedicated mostly to the graduates of our programs.

In the Sacred Circle you’ll find:

Connecting with the feminine energy is vital for your wellbeing.

So, we are committed to make a difference in the way you take care of yourself as a woman—physically, emotionally and spiritually.

And please trust me, there’s nothing in this world like being supported in your journey by like minded women. And also share with them, in a Sacred Circle, your challenges.

The secret of the awakened women.

The Sacred Circle is the secret that awakened women have held throughout centuries: connection with other women.

Now, we want to give you access to experiencing this connection more often and make it more present in your life.

When women meet in a sacred environment, the feminine energy gets activated and amplifies. This is the key to the vital energy that you can use for healing, creating and manifestation.

So, this summer, our feminine ritual is this: connect sacredly with ourselves, on a daily basis, AND bring this sacredness to the relationship with other women in the Sacred Circle.

All you have to do is request access to our Sacred Circle private Facebook group and answer the three simple questions that pop up when you hit JOIN.

There is no such thing as right or wrong answers. We just want to make sure that you abide by the good practices of the Sacred Circle—sacred listening, intentionality, trust and respect.


Explore our FREE Mini Course.

Next, take our FREE Mini Course—Be Your Radiant Beauty and use the practices and meditations I’m teaching as daily feminine rituals that connect you with your body, mind, soul and spirit.

And last, but very important, INVITE A SOUL SISTER to try the Be Your Sensual Beauty Mini Course and start a ritual by doing the practices together. Send her the link or forward her this blog post and inspire her to join in. 😉​

You might not believe me now, but these simple actions will totally change your life.

See you in the Circle, love!

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