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Connect With Your Body Through This Feminine Practice

Just a few days ago, I received an email from an old and darling graduate that completely melted my heart away.

Here’s what she wrote:

“After doing the whole Sensuality Masterclass program, I started to notice all the tiny details that I’ve been ignoring: the Moon’s glow, the sunset, the rain drops caressing the leaves. I took a walk in the rain and even dared to wander without wearing a bra. For the first time in long while, I felt free! I started to take care of my body. When I’m not feeling well, I rest. I listen to my inner rhythms. Now, I feel that I have a voice. I say what I truly feel. For so many years, I’ve numbed away my emotions. I thought I was too fiery, too dramatic. At the beginning of this year, I set my intention to start trusting what I feel. And slowly, it happened. The Sensuality Masterclass was exactly what I needed.”

Her email was spot on because it touches issues that so many of us deal with: not listening to our bodies and not trusting what we feel. Even if it’s not always super intuitive and we tend to seek for more “rational” explanations, many of the things that we DON’T have are rooted in this feeling of disconnection.

When we experience disconnection from our body and we are not aligned with the truth of our Sacred Heart, we are always and unmistakably going to choose what’s not good for us.

When we are connected with our body and fully aligned with the truth of our Sacred Heart, we are always and unmistakably going to choose what nurtures us and what supports our becoming.

In fact, the first two benefits that we notice after we activate our feminine energy and start nurturing it, through feminine practice, are a wonderful sense of freedom and authentic raw confidence. Our senses open and our vital energy gets reactivated. We experience flow and balance and thus, choose wisely.

How do we activate and nourish our feminine energy?

Well, my answer is always the same: through practice.

Here’s a wonderful feminine practice that connects you with your body, for more freedom and authentic confidence.

Connect with your voice and womb, daily

Start your day by tuning in with your voice. Each morning, write down in your journal what you feel and what you want to say about a particular person or situation, but don’t feel safe enough to open up about it. Just let your thoughts flow naturally and observe them. What do you feel? What does your true self whisper?

Take a few minutes and let the thoughts and emotions settle down.

Then, place your hands two inches below your belly button and connect with your womb. Breathe in and breathe out, deeply, for five minutes. Ask your womb to guide you into a new way of expressing what you feel.

Dare to get out of the comfort zone and trust the wisdom of your womb.

Do this daily, for a week.

During this whole time, try to be more present and to follow the inner rhythms of your body. If you feel tired, rest. If you feel there’s a lot of energy that needs to be released, move your body, dance, go with your vital energy. Let it guide you.

Let me know—did you enjoy connecting with your body? Would you like to learn more practices that connect you with your feminine energy? Drop your comments below.​

All love,


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