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The Feminine Energy Heals You: How To Embrace Passion, Intimacy And Love

Experts say that July’s Buck Moon illuminates our life choices, asking us to see what has been driving them. The eclipse also occurring today makes old karmic lessons surface. It reminds us that’s always us deciding if we choose based on love or fear.

With that in mind, I guess that makes July 16 the perfect day for a conversation about healing.

Because how can we choose love, if we don’t heal fear or doubt?

So, to make it just perfect, we’re coming up with a fresh new episode of the Feminine #Uncut Podcast entirely dedicated to healing, the feminine way.

Listen to the full episode now.

Key takeaways

The feminine energy helps you go through difficult moments, by enveloping you in love and support.

It also teaches you how to become soft and gentle with yourself.

The feminine redefines “power” by supporting you in nurturing your goals instead of “fighting” for them.

On this journey, you learn how to listen to your inner rhythms and make your dreams happen without compromising on your health and emotional balance.

Accessing the feminine energy can heal your relationships with men. Its fragility and tenderness (which we wrongly stamp as “weaknesses”) can actually nurture men. It gives them access to experiencing deep intimacy and authentic love.

Nobody has power over your vulnerability.

Another lesson you learn once you start exploring the depths of the feminine is this: nobody has power over your vulnerability. When you choose to cultivate, nurture and protect your vulnerability, you choose, as a conscious woman, to be powerful and heal the shadow of the little wounded girl, that keeps you stuck.

Listen until the end and discover how working with the feminine energy can also guide you to recognise and heal the imbalances in your life.

Just starting out on your journey? Remember that all you have to do is accept that there is a feminine energy. Engage with it intuitively and with utmost curiosity.

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